Saturday, 21 December 2013

BIMBOY's adventure at Indonesia Japan EXPO 2013 [Indoor Photoshoot]

Reino Barack, the creator of BIMA satria garuda would be giving free BIMA Plushie to visitors over at Indonesia Japan EXPO, so when i went there, took me sometime to find BIMA Satria Garuda booth that it turned out to be as a part of ITOCHU Indonesia booth, regardless... i got the gig and this is the adventure of BIMBOY at the event... more after the break

Friday, 20 December 2013

[event] Indonesia Japan EXPO 2013 @JIEXPO Kemayoran 19-22 Des 2013

Setelah vakum selama lebih dari 5 tahun sejak Indonesia Japan EXPO terakhir pada tahun 2008, tahun ini IJE kembali hadir memeriahkan akhir tahun 2013 dengan banyak sekali inovasi menarik dalam teknologi, suasana, dan desain booth para tenant yang fantastis!! selengkapnya setelah jeda berikut...

After being vacuum for more than 5 years since the last Indonesia Japan EXPO back in 2008, this year IJE comes back to make this 2013 year end merrier than ever with a lot of interesting innovation in technology, ambience, and of course the fantastic booth designs by the tenants!! more after the break...

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

SWEET!! it's schoolgirl model Tsumugi!! [Indoor+Outdoor Photoshoot]

Kotobuki Tsumugi was a member of the light music club in the popular anime K-ON and was the keyboardist of the band, her character is sweet and nice as honey, and good price made me bought the Figma action figure of her, to be my second figma in line to possess, so more Mugi after the break

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

SPREAD!! Wings of freedom... ancient Pegasus Tenma!! [Outdoor Photoshoot]

when i was a kid, I watched Saint Seiya and keep on wondering on their transformation scene when the saints get to equip their cloths. having formed into objects and then with the power of cosmo, it magically moves to the user... i was fascinated especially on Pegasus Cloth, it got wings, yet i never see Seiya get to equip them... but then again it turned out that the wings part are folded into back armor. so after successfully obtained Pegasus Tenma Cloth Myth, i think the wings could be put into a good use... more after the break

Friday, 13 December 2013

REVIVAL!! Seiya's Pegasus God-Cloth... Rise from ashes!! [Indoor Photoshoot+diorama]

Pegasus God Cloth is the last evolution of the Bronze-class cloth in the universe of Saint Seiya... and also the cloth that the main protagonist Seiya dons for hundreds of episodes from the first Galaxian wars arc until Hades chapter and carries on after to Heaven's Chapter : Overture before finally be inherited to the next generation of Pegasus constellation saint, Kouga... more about Pegasus God Cloth after the break...

Sunday, 8 December 2013

BURN!! Golden Knight GARO - slash the Darkness!! [Indoor Photoshoot+diorama]

Makai flames... are otherworldly flames that originates from Makai or the demon world... as GARO wrapped in these green colored flames, his strength is boosted and is able to perform feats like ranged slash attack that sends vacuum air slash combined with the flames to cut down his enemies... will this gimmick be available in the upcoming season of GARO : Makai no Hana?? more after the break

Thursday, 5 December 2013

HOWL!!! Silver Knight ZERO show your might!!! [Indoor Photoshoot+diorama]

ZERO the Silver Wolf Knight, alias Suzumura Rei whose prowress is second to Saejima Kouga, the inheritor of GARO title... the battle never really ends, and one more time.. ZERO will howl in the upcoming mini series called ZERO : BLACK BLOOD. still don't know much about the plot but it's just exciting to wait for the upcoming mini series. more ZERO after the break

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Never mess with the BOSS, Masked Rider 1 [Indoor Photoshoot+diorama]

After some beating up... finally Masked Rider 1 was able to subjugate the krocoman, shocker combatmen that dare to defy him... then he had them to be his henchmen... then formed a gang, then he be the GANGSTA BOSS!!! of anybody were to mess with him, they would end up just like the end of the story, wanna know? more after the break!

Monday, 2 December 2013

SOIIIYAA!! Miku no Samurai jidai - age of the wild samurai [Indoor Photoshoot]

once again, the curtain of sengoku era rises... and this time, one that answers the call is Miku the TUYUL, with majik powers she get to transform into all powerful samurai... with many blades... and is ready to spread terror through the land~ more after the break

Friday, 29 November 2013

SHFiguarts Kamen Rider Joker [Indoor+Outdoor Photoshoot]

Kamen Rider Joker is my FIRST purchase on exclusive release of SHFiguarts toyline and was the fourth SHFiguarts i bought back in 2011. Many people said that it's so plain, you could even say that it was a cheap repaint from cyclone joker figuarts, but with a bit of different details on the right side of the body... but to me it's just one awesome figuarts to own regardless of what people said. and it goes well along the EX hardboilder and kamen rider black figuarts. more after the break~

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Fuwa Fuwa Time!! Sengoku Nadeko appears!! [Indoor Photoshoot]

Sengoku Nadeko is actually a character from the popular anime series Bakemonogatari, she was cursed by a certain somebody and had her body tangled by imaginary snake which torments her constantly as the story progresses. despite all that she is just one sweet character and when realized into an action figure, it ain't shabby at all~ although it took me sometime after it was released, so glad i finally bought her. so more nadeko after the break~

Friday, 22 November 2013

How to feed your Dragon [Indoor Photoshoot + diorama]

a pet, is something... well it's a living thing that you keep around with you, you get to take care of them and in exchange they perform duties to aid you like to watch over certain area, act as decoration, or simply to be there to comfort you. in this case, kamen rider ryuki got his contract moster, Dragredder, a red dragon... and as the title suggests he will tell you how to properly feed a dragon pet... more after the break

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Super Robot Chogokin Mazinger Z [Indoor Photoshoot]

Mazinger Z is the pioneer of the Super Robot Universe, the franchise was the idea of none other than Go Nagai, started in 1972, the franchise has been successfully continued into various spin-offs such as grendizer and mazinkaiser. more MAZINGER after the break

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Athena no Seinto, Pegasus no Miku!! [Indoor Photoshoot+diorama]

Athena, was the Goddess of Love and wisdom, she loved the earth, humans and the rest of it's inhabitants, willing to defend it from other evil gods with her powers and even risked her life in the process. but fear not, there are these young people, dedicated themselves to become warrior to assist Athena in protecting the Earth... the Saints!! but today Athena just got a new recuit... a new Pegasus saint... Pegasus no Miku!!! more story after the break

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

TRIPLE GAVAN!! Collaboration Shootout at PIM [Indoor Photoshoot]

Hangout with friends is such a fun way to spend time, especially if you got friends with similar hobbies and passion. so these guys i hang out with, is creative, fun, easygoing and seriously love to joke around and laugh together... so few months back when i get to hang out with them again, i asked them whether they could bring along some of their toys, specifically SHFiguarts Space Sheriff Gavan and type G they agreed and we eventually had photoshoot together. left to right : Kabuto Zecter a.k.a bucrotsky, William Karisma, and lycans a.k.a Kosa... we had fun in taking photos of TRIPLE dosage of GAVAN!!! morea fter the break

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

[TraveLOG] my hometown of Pontianak 2/2

wherever it is, City life is always interesting, not to mention the ambience of night, this time i will discover what the city has to offer, on the shining daytime, and at times when the sun is out of the scene

dimanapun, kehidupan kota selalu menarik, belum lagi kehidupannya pada saat malam hari, kali ini saya akan menelusuri apa yang ditawarkan oleh kota ini, pada siang hari yang bersinar, dan pada waktu ketika matahari sudah tidak lagi bersinar

Monday, 11 November 2013

[TraveLOG] my Hometown of PONTIANAK - 1/2

Pontianak, adalah kota dimana saya lahir dan tumbuh hingga usia remaja, sebelum akhirnya hijrah ke pulau Jawa untuk penghidupan yang lebih baik. meskipun jarang berkunjung ke kota tersebut, Pontianak masih memberikan kesan mendalam bagi saya pribadi melalui keindahan, kesederhanaan dan bersahajanya kota tersebut, berikut rekaman perjalanan saya menyusuri kota tersebut pada tahun 2012 yang lalu...

Pontianak, is the city where i was born and grew till teenage, that was before i moved to Java for a better living. although it is seldom for me to go back and visit the city, Pontianak stille gives off deep impression to me through it's beauty and humbleness, here's what i got while visiting the city at the past 2012...

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Weekend Dating Time [Outdoor Photoshoot]

Weekend... was such a great time to have fun with the ones you love... for instance, spending a good time with family, friends and lover could be a greaaaat way to keep a healthy mental state, reduce stress and simply... have fun... and that applies even to toys... they wanna go on a date too, wanna know their story? more after the break!!

Friday, 8 November 2013

913 Machination - Kaixa ridez Side Basshar [Outdoor Photoshoot]

Enter the new era with machinized rider machines... an advanced one that could transform from your regular bike into fearsome killing machine... Smart Brain Corporation's 913-V side basshar makes it possible for Kaixa to access and utilize such fearsome technology... so more of Kaixa and his ride... after the break

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Henchmen Recruitment Session [Indoor Photoshoot]

Masked Rider 1 just wanted to have good henchmen, a good underling that does everything he told them to do, so he tried recruiting shocker combatmen... but it seems that the krocomans doesn't want to hear about that and sadly he had to resort in violence... and more violence after the break

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Tuyul Madness Dayooo~ [Indoor Photoshoot with friends from Nendonesia]

when my TUYUL... get to meet mikudayo, everybody knows that all hell's gonna break loose!! many versions of miku nendoroid but those fascinates me are these two! shuukan hajimete miku that has the evil eyes, and the ominous mikudayo... as i hang out with my friends from nendonesia. i get to shoot these gig! so moarrr after the break...

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Saint Cloth Myth Pegasus Tenma [Indoor Photoshoot+diorama]

flying down from the heavens... constellation that traverses dimensions, even possessed capability to harm gods. the legendary cloth destined to stay by goddess Athena's side since ancient times, the Pegasus cloth!!!
as my first piece from the Saint Cloth Myth toyline, Pegasus Tenma turned out to be quite appealing and satisfying to me... so more after the break

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

even deeper dive into POP ART

my understanding to POP ART just got even deeper, and this time... i think i got better understanding on the basic characteristic of POP ART that is supposedly no on the result but on the attitude to achieve the POP ART. though there is no limitation on how to achieve POP ART, nor the theory that limits the way to achieve and create POP ART... i think it'll be more after the break

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

miku is... HENTAI KAMEN!!! [Indoor Photoshoot+diorama]

HENTAI KAMEN... the perverted HERO who transformed with the power of perversion exstacy... gained by wearing used panties... and now... hatsune miku rises, as HENTAI KAMEN... to spread perversion and eradicate evil. so moarrr after the break

Monday, 23 September 2013

HEROES in Tone-mapped world [Outdoor+Indoor Photoshoot]

HEROES... are even moarrrr fantasic, when they are in a world full of colors... for instance... just like this. so few months ago i came around to a form of photoprocessing, and it is called tonemapping. and what exactly is tonemapping? it's a method of processing numbers of same images, with different exposure values, and compress them into one single images that contained datas from the combined images... so more about tonemapping after the break

Sunday, 22 September 2013

GA RO - ZE RO [Indoor Photoshoot]

GARO the Golden Knight... ZERO the Silver Knight... these two legendary Makai Knights are the two key figures at the first and second season of GARO. they have both the intellect, prowress and strength, on a level that separates them from the rest of the Makai Knights... one scene that burned on my mind ever since was the battle between the two of them... somehow it's timeless to me... so more about GARO and ZERO after the break

Saturday, 21 September 2013

[event]Culture Night Japan by Danny Choo - Jakarta Design Centre, Sept 9th 2013

After gettin busy in Anime Festival Asia 2013 a.k.a AFAID13, Danny Choo the producer of Culture Japan decided to arrange a friendly event titled Culture Japan Night at Jakarta Design Centre on the 9th of September 2013, there he get to meet and greet his fans who resides in Jakarta. so more about Culture Japan Night after this break

Friday, 20 September 2013

Dragon is Playboy - Ranger is LOVE - NTR Fest [Indoor Photoshoot]

nobody knows exactly why Dragon Ranger has turned into such a playboy, maybe that's because it is just feels really good to be bad. even hurt many people... so morea after the break aiiighhhttt

Thursday, 19 September 2013

[event] AFAID13 - Anime Festival Asia 2013 @ Jakarta Convention Center 6-8 September 2013

So AFAID13 or Anime Festival Asia 2013 which was held at Jakarta Convention Center 6th-8th of September 2013 was quite sensational although many people complained about the visitors circulation flow which is really terrible especially on the second day, regardless it was fun and spectacular event with a lot of fantastic tenants. so moarrr about AFAID13 after the break aiiighhht

Monday, 16 September 2013

Shockerman in action [Indoor Photoshoot]

one great thing about oldskool kamen rider is that they got this undying evil organization called SHOCKER or Sacred Hegemony of blah blah blah google it yourself... and they got spin off all over the kamen rider franchise like Dai-Shocker, Shin-Shocker, Gel-Shocker, Super-Shocker and many other... so to simply put... every evil organization has always got henchmen alright? so this Shocker Combatman... is seriously fun to play with... not sure? how about checking out the rest of my photos after this break...

Sunday, 15 September 2013

[event] Bandung Hobbies Festival - BHF, Augustus 2013

di acara BHF kali ini... benar benar suatu acara yang seru buat saya... banyak sekali kejutan seru dan acara hiburan tanpa henti mulai dari band, penampilan aksi dari beberapa komunitas hobi, serta panitia yang benar benar memfasilitasi pengunjung dan tenant dengan sangat baik, salut buat EO nya yang juga memprioritaskan komunitas hobi yang hadir di acara ini. selengkapnya setelah jeda berikut

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Prince of Sadness - RX RoboRider [Indoor Photoshoot]

as Kotaro Minami falls deep down into his sorrows, for failing to save the little girl trapped inside a cave, he was cornered by the Robot kaiju Death Garon, Kotaro cried... so hard that it awakens the latent power inside RX's kingstone, allowing him to assume the form of the Prince of sadness... RX RoboRider!! more after the break

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Black & Battlehopper - the deadly duo [Indoor + Outdoor Photshoot]

vrooooommmm.... IKUZE BATTLEHOPPER!!! yeah that's a line I remembered from the famous Kamen Rider Black Show back when i was just a kid... kamen rider Black, enters a dark room, approaches Battlehopper, then speeding away from the 3 story building, breaking facade glasses in the process... it was simply breathtaking... ah good ol times~. so more photos after the break

Saturday, 24 August 2013

SHFiguarts Dragon Ranger [Indoor Photoshoot]

as a 90's kid, every 09:00 clock on sunday morning is what you call precious time... why? coz IT'S MORPHIN TIME!!! power rangers are comin to town... yeah that good times brings joy even until now... and one ranger that left the most impression on me is Green Ranger or Dragon Ranger in Zyuranger. somehow he stands out more compared to the other rangers, and got his own mecha to duke things out!! so more photos after the break

Friday, 23 August 2013

son of the sun Black RX & hopper bike Acrobatter [Indoor+outdoor Photoshoot]

it'z ROADKILL time!! let's jump Acrobatter!! said Black RX. so i'm back with some photos of my childhood hero, kamen rider Black RX with his bike... Acrobatter. shot in Gerbang Tol Kemayoran, it was a very good location where nobody disturbs me while taking good photos of them... so more photos after the break

Thursday, 22 August 2013

a shallow dive into POP ART

after i went on a trip to Thailand, i seen a POP ART gallery over at Chatuchak Market in Bangkok. it was mesmerizing, fascinating, inspiring, and somehow refreshing to see patterns or probably what you might call... well mind blowing art pieces... it is POP ART!! so fascinating, and after i went back home... i started to do some research about POP ART from various sources. and now constantly experimenting on how to make good ones that expresses my mind, and soul....

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Dirgahayu Kemerdekaan Republik Indonesia ke-68

Selamat Hari Kemerdekaan!! semoga bangsa Indonesia bisa bangkit dari keterpurukan moralitas
kembali lagi dengan toleransi seperti dulu kala. dan Generasi muda yang dipenuhi kreativitas, kerja keras
demi berprestasi mengharumkan nama dan mengangkat martabat bangsa Indonesia!!!

TERIMA KASIH YANG TERAMAT DALAM bagi para Pahlawan yang telah berkorban demi kemerdekaan Republik ini... sekarang... aku akan melakukan yang terbaik demi negara dan bangsa ini!!!

Friday, 16 August 2013

SHFiguarts Kamen Rider Black RX [Indoor +Outdoor Photoshoot]

Ore wa Taiyou no Ko... Kamen Rider Black RX!!! yep that is the catchphrase of my childhood hero, kamen rider Black RX, somehow the show left me more impression compared to the earlier kamen rider Black, that's probably because of Robo Rider and Bio Rider, Acrobatter and Ridron. and here i am trying to recreate heroic impressions through my photos, while having fun playing the figures... just like old times... so more photos after the break

Thursday, 15 August 2013

[Event] Tamashii Highlights 2013 @ Pondok Indah Mall 4-18 August 2013

Tamashii Highlights 2013 at Pondok Indah Mall 1 - Jakarta, Indonesia is an event, organized by the representatives of Tamashii Nations Singapore branch to promote their products, especially SHFiguarts and Robot Damashii since there is a lot of Indonesian fans and collectors that is really enthusiastic about collecting BANDAI's lines of action figures. so more info after the break

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Naivehead Kaiju - custom Kaiju toy by dejivruR

So... after Space Bear Gyaban as my first custom toy, i get to make my second one... so here's Naivehead Kaiju... here's a little story of it...

Naivehead kaiju is a simple minded kaiju, it is naive, and does not have the common sense to feel what is going on around it, what is really happening, or the reality that people doesn't like monstrous creatures shaped like him... although not every people think that way... and all Naivehead kaiju ever want is the warmth of love, the affection of people that loved him... so that for sure he would love back other people... by doing so he believes that the world would be a better place for everybody filled with love and without hatred... so naive to think like that while the world doesn't work that way... more details after the break

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Space Bear Gyaban - custom vinyl toy [Indoor Photoshoot]

Hello again, i'm so glad to that my FIRST custom toy... has finally finished... 
so here's a little story of it...
from a galaxy far far away, of Planet Bear... a single HERO Rise! to protect Planet Bear from the invasion of Space Gangster Mabbu... with his silver armor he stands above the rest of the Popobe bear race... to be the vanguard against all evil that the Gangsters might commit against Popobe bears!!! He is Space Bear Gyaban a.k.a Uchuu Kuma Gyaban!!! more after the break

Sunday, 4 August 2013

SHFiguarts Kamen Rider Kaixa [Indoor+Outdoor Photoshoot]

Yep, most of you probably knows this guy, Kamen Rider Kaixa. this guy is the secondary rider, or pretty much the second guy coming up after kamen rider 555 makes his appearance. Transforms with Kaixa gear, the transformation code is 913 and his bike, side basshar is one hell of a dangerous bike that can transform into this crazy powerful mecha. so more photos of kamen rider Kaixa, after the break...

Saturday, 3 August 2013

SHFiguarts Kamen Riders Cyclone & Joker [Indoor Photoshoot]

as y'all know, kamen rider W or double's default form is Cyclone Joker, which consist of the usage of Cyclone and Joker Memories with double driver, so what if Cyclone and Joker, acting as a separate kamen rider... well you seen that. it sure is amazing. so more images after the break

Friday, 2 August 2013

SIC kiwami tamashii kamen rider Kuuga Mighty form

Kamen Rider Kuuga picks up years after the last kamen rider series, kamen rider Black RX that dates back to 1989, and so his tagline was A New Hero, A New Legend, yes pretty convincing considering it a refreshment after a long long hiatus of the kamen rider franchise, i still remember being crazy about the show when i was junior high, so Kuuga just gives me this nostalgic feeling. these are my photos of SIC kiwami tamashii kamen rider Kuuga Mighty form. more after the break...

Monday, 29 July 2013

Kamen Rider 555 : Blaster form [Indoor+Outdoor Photoshoot]

Blaster form is the ultimate form of Kamen Rider 555 or Faiz, transforms with Faiz Blaster gear, kamen rider 555 turns red blood color as he powers up into a fighter that is much more powerful than his regular form. so more images after the break

Sunday, 28 July 2013

SHFiguarts Kamen Rider OOO - TaJaDor combo photoset [Indoor+outdoor photoshoot]

TAKA!!! KUJAKU!!! CONDOR!!! TaJaDoru~~ as the three bird medals scanned... they gave power to Kamen Rider OOO, powers him up with flames and powers of the Bird King... to fly high in the sky!!! more after the break

Saturday, 27 July 2013

shadowmoon day out at the ruins [outdoor photoshoot + dioramas]

ahhh it's a good day to relax at the ruins... so peaceful and tranquil, this calm is just about before the storm... why a storm? there's gonna be a battle nearby... check out more after the break~

Monday, 15 July 2013

miku's PICNIC day [Indoor Photoshoot @POPCON ASIA 2013]

at the recent POPCON ASIA 2013 event at Jakarta Convention Center, i got the chance to meet and hang out along with my friends from ToyGraphyID, who was given the chance to show off by opening a booth as a part of Plastic Culture booth, so i brought my TUYUL along for some adventures with other toyz of my friends... more after the break
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