Friday, 22 November 2013

How to feed your Dragon [Indoor Photoshoot + diorama]

a pet, is something... well it's a living thing that you keep around with you, you get to take care of them and in exchange they perform duties to aid you like to watch over certain area, act as decoration, or simply to be there to comfort you. in this case, kamen rider ryuki got his contract moster, Dragredder, a red dragon... and as the title suggests he will tell you how to properly feed a dragon pet... more after the break

so the first important thing to ensure is to give foods with the best nutrition in it, in this case, kamen rider Ryuki provided his Dragredder with a truly mischievous spirit called TUYUL that quite resembles a certain diva 

so TUYULs contain so many aural goodness and a lot of energy to make sure a healthy growth and happiness

when the pet eats it's meal, make sure you talk to it, though it doesn't understand you it will feel better with you talking to it...

looking at your pet having it's meal could comfort you somehow... it's a very healthy habit to do regularly

and after the meal make sure you comfort your pet by patting it few times so it will feel loved

after the meal, physical contact to show your love for the pet is essential in it's growth and happiness... make sure you never miss this part

so the conclusion is whenever you feed the pet... in this case dragon, don't forget to provide nutritious food and a little dosage of affection by physical contact so that it will feel loved and cared by it's master... that way it will be happy and live a longer life

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  1. Miku got eaten by a dragon... Did I just look at a guro/vore? Lol

    1. GORE? ya probably, but this is just as normal as the dragon eating time :)))


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