Saturday, 21 December 2013

BIMBOY's adventure at Indonesia Japan EXPO 2013 [Indoor Photoshoot]

Reino Barack, the creator of BIMA satria garuda would be giving free BIMA Plushie to visitors over at Indonesia Japan EXPO, so when i went there, took me sometime to find BIMA Satria Garuda booth that it turned out to be as a part of ITOCHU Indonesia booth, regardless... i got the gig and this is the adventure of BIMBOY at the event... more after the break

yeah, BIMBOY arrived at Gambir, Jakarta

then he tried disguising himself as a building yet failed miserably

he tried to rider the bus the sadly he just too big for it

and tried to stop the car for a rider as well...

frustrated he travels to tokyo, japan

then he visits the shrine... it FITS!

a visit to factory?

RAID da towers BIMBOY!!!

and visited another shrine again...

it was a pleasure to visit Indonesia Japan EXPO, with all the installations and fantastic booths, that somehow tickled my overly creative instincts to exploit all the displays at the event... yeah gettin BIMBOY was fun, it was like an exclusive SHFiguarts that not everybody can have :))))

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