Tuesday, 11 February 2014

[dioramaworks] #004 DESERT RUINS - custom diorama for 1/12 scale action figures

another ruins... this time it's situated on a desert (back in sandland aiiight). and i could even say that this is by far, my simplest handmade diorama that does not go around with complicated parts and props and easier to assemble, plus the height isn't too problematic that it does not takes a lot of space to store. i could just stack it below the other dioramas. more details after the break

made out of pure sand and pure stones (satisfaction guaranteed :))) )

unlike the other dioramas which are more elaborate, this sandy set does not really appeal much for a good background

but it looks good from above

tried putting some SHFiguarts on it~

Specifications :
Dimension : 42 cm x 32 cm x 10 cm
Weight : 2,5 kg
Scale : for 1/12 figures
Base : Hardboard Plank 
Adhesives : PVC white glue 
Props : actual stone, actual sand
Others : Sanding paper, clear acrylic lacquer (top coating)

this one does not really satisfy me, and i'm still looking for better materials for the sandy areas, that is currently darker because of the glue and the top coating and does not really give off the impression of a sandy area, i hope i can improve better in the near future
that's it for my fourth handmade diorama, and i'll be posting more in the near future, feedbacks are especially welcomed... so don't hesitate to write what's on your mind, even if it's the worst~
Thanks for Viewing and... until NEXT time!!!


over & out!!!

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