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Saint Cloth Myth Pegasus Tenma [Indoor Photoshoot+diorama]

flying down from the heavens... constellation that traverses dimensions, even possessed capability to harm gods. the legendary cloth destined to stay by goddess Athena's side since ancient times, the Pegasus cloth!!!
as my first piece from the Saint Cloth Myth toyline, Pegasus Tenma turned out to be quite appealing and satisfying to me... so more after the break

the flower bracelet, an embodiment of Athena's Blessings to the main protagonist, Tenma

in Saint Seiya LOST Canvas OVA, the story revolves around Tenma the Pegasus Saint, Alone as Hades' vessel on earth, and Sasha which was Athena's reincarnation

as kids the three was raised in orphanage, they are almost like siblings. in the end when the time comes, the three were separated... as a parting gift, Athena made three flower bracelets blessed with her wish and prayers, surprisingly became a witherless ones

as Alone honed himself to be a good artist, so does Tenma trained himself to be a strong Saint to protect Athena... thus the two meet in Sanctuary... while Alone, who was Hades' vessel, falls right up and  swayed by the influence of the twin gods, Thanatos and Hypnos

the tragedy began when Tenma, Alone, and Sasha meet each other in a tragic way, Hades took offer Alone's body, and declared holy war against Athena for Earth's domination 

the OVA itself never really showed the end of the battle, because many people say it doesn't sell good in Japan, so if you'd like to see the ending of LOST Canvas, you should read the Manga version.

one thing i admire about Tenma is his undying hope

just like Seiya, he was the Pegasus Saint of his Generation

and of the classic Saint Seiya, Seiya himself was the reincarnation of Tenma, although never been told in the original series because LOST Canvas was a spin off version

still with the amazing ryuseiken and suiseiken

and so i tried to replicate the sanctuary temple-esque style on a diorama

but doesn't look like that i... do it right

i liked the scene when Tenma entered the Sanctuary. so i make this gig


and let the wind blows my feelings away...

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