Saturday, 3 August 2013

SHFiguarts Kamen Riders Cyclone & Joker [Indoor Photoshoot]

as y'all know, kamen rider W or double's default form is Cyclone Joker, which consist of the usage of Cyclone and Joker Memories with double driver, so what if Cyclone and Joker, acting as a separate kamen rider... well you seen that. it sure is amazing. so more images after the break

so kamen rider Cyclone is the personification of Phillip aka sonozaki raito, the wielder of Cyclone memory, the story took place on kamen rider W's novel. it is said that suddenly Shoutaro left Fuuto for reasons unknown and Phillip was alone, dealt with the situation, he was forced to protect Fuuto citizens from lurking Dopants, so he took the Lost Driver Shoutaro left him and transforms into Kamen Rider Cyclone!!

many of you probably already know about kamen rider Joker, his first debut is on the last episode of the series, and the continuation of his appearance in kamen rider W movie : A-Z Gaia memories of Fate and kamen rider OOO & fourze movie war MEGAMAX. so Hidari Shoutaro took Lost Driver his boss left behind, and with his Joker memory he transforms into a solo kamen rider. many of his poses signifies of the old legend, kamen rider Black!!!

well now we are two separate kamen riders!

come, let us count your sins!

the TRUMP and the WIND

Phillip : let's do this Shoutaro!
Shoutaro : hell yeah Phillip, let's make this quick!

in each of their trademark pose

hard boiled kamen riders!

come on let's BRAWL!


Cyclone Joker SPIRITS never die!

i will be back with better and better photos~
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