Sunday, 8 December 2013

BURN!! Golden Knight GARO - slash the Darkness!! [Indoor Photoshoot+diorama]

Makai flames... are otherworldly flames that originates from Makai or the demon world... as GARO wrapped in these green colored flames, his strength is boosted and is able to perform feats like ranged slash attack that sends vacuum air slash combined with the flames to cut down his enemies... will this gimmick be available in the upcoming season of GARO : Makai no Hana?? more after the break

GARO gained access to Makai Flames through his Makai lighter that he always use to detect whether somebody is Horror or not... by shining the eyes of the target with Makai lighter, the target will define itself as Horror if there are some makai writings displayed on the Iris...

when GARO burns his Garo-ken with the lighter... green flames rises up and he gains the ability to execute long range attacks... plus the horrors are burned nicely with the flames :)))

now news circulates that there will be another sew season of GARO, titled GARO : Makai no Hana

GARO : Makai no Hana takes up the timeline after the last GARO movie Soukoku no Maryu. the Protagonist if this brand new series is Saejima Raiga, yeah and he is the son of Saejima Kouga and Kaoru, plus the inheritor of the GARO title

Saejima Raiga dresses up just like his father, Kouga. and acts like him too :) but there is still no clue on how the story would connect to the last season of GARO : Yami wo terasu mono... I can't even speculate about it

and yes no clue whether ZERO or his successor would appear as the Silver Knight ZERO, i'm really curious about that hmm hmm

ooh i just wish that i'll see scenes like these in the upcoming season of GARO : Makai no Hana, i'll probably post more about the upcoming series if i got some heads up

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