Wednesday, 13 November 2013

TRIPLE GAVAN!! Collaboration Shootout at PIM [Indoor Photoshoot]

Hangout with friends is such a fun way to spend time, especially if you got friends with similar hobbies and passion. so these guys i hang out with, is creative, fun, easygoing and seriously love to joke around and laugh together... so few months back when i get to hang out with them again, i asked them whether they could bring along some of their toys, specifically SHFiguarts Space Sheriff Gavan and type G they agreed and we eventually had photoshoot together. left to right : Kabuto Zecter a.k.a bucrotsky, William Karisma, and lycans a.k.a Kosa... we had fun in taking photos of TRIPLE dosage of GAVAN!!! morea fter the break

in our photo session, Karisma helped me with the dynamic lighting to support me, while Kosa and bucrot helped me by posing their toys... the guy in red is Edi, he's good at posing but he didn't get to tag along that day 
This guy Fajar is also interesting, he carries kamen rider black bigsoft like it's dolfie

so... it's bucrot'z SHFiguarts Space Sheriff Gavan type-G

certainly looked amazing and mouth-watering yeahhhh

the slashing sword part is real good especially on the details and colors, but the weight makes a flaw to it because the figure couldn't handle the sword too well and has the tendency to fall down easily

Kosa's SHFiguarts Space Sheriff Gavan and my custom vinyl Space Bear Gyaban

cmon son let's get out for a walk

let us teach you how to pose together son...


Space Sheriff Gavan Type-G loved plushies... this is so unlikely of him

oh little Gyaban saw the Plushie

now he wants it real bad, but Type G ain't giving it up for good

then Gyaban got mad and eventually found this suspicious BOX COKELAT with suspicious smirky eyes and mouth

it turned out that the small BOX COKELAT or brown box could generate a bigger one, seeing that both of green ranger and Type G got on their knees and immediately worship the god damn box

end of madness... for now!!!
I'd like to thank kabucrot & kosa for their cooperation on bringing along their exclusive SHFiguarts and William Karisma for supporting me on the lighting and also fajar who lent the plushie part
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Thanks for Viewing and... catch y'all on next post!!!


over & out!!!

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