Monday, 15 July 2013

miku's PICNIC day [Indoor Photoshoot @POPCON ASIA 2013]

at the recent POPCON ASIA 2013 event at Jakarta Convention Center, i got the chance to meet and hang out along with my friends from ToyGraphyID, who was given the chance to show off by opening a booth as a part of Plastic Culture booth, so i brought my TUYUL along for some adventures with other toyz of my friends... more after the break

it's a sunny day... BUZZ OFF dawg! i hate you

oh no the dawg just got provoked, and hugged miku

here comes the lustful baboon

now they are arguing over domination

and they reached an agreement, too bad for TUYUL

so she go to hide over at a nearby well, hope they don;t chase her

oh no they spotted the TUYUL and tried to pull her out

getting smarter, miku the TUYUL jumped to the roof and safely avoided the beasts

after them beasts gone, finally it's time to relax... but too bad woody is spotted!

woody took miku the TUYUL to his horse stable for the horse's entertainment

and so when miku the TUYUL is back, too bad she got to be a policeman's feet lap since the chair is occupied

dissapointed, miku the TUYUL went along with yotsuba to watch a BANANA show

then again she was dissapointed since the BANANA spilled it's insides to her, truly a bad day for her

now i'd like to express gratitude to my friends that provided me with such amazing props and dioramas to support me creating this mini story they are :
name - instagram ID
agam - @agamdadam
maikhal - @mytoyholic
desy - @desyagnes
tony - @shy_tony
mate - @matetampan
thanks friends, and don't forget to follow @toygraphyid at instagram for moarrr amazing toy photos coz we make toyz alive together

well... that's all about miku hanging out... with them other toys... 
expect more and more madness coming up~
don't forget to visit my other gallery over at

Thanks for Viewing and... catch y'all on next post!!!


over & out!!!

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