Saturday, 21 June 2014

figures having fun at JAP VIBE TERRACE [Indoor Photoshoot + diorama]

hanging out is such a pleasureable activity, especially if you do it along with some friends or maybe people that you cherish and love. so what if my figures hangs out over at some Japan-esque terrace? gotta be fun i think, so let's check it out after the break

[dioramaworks] #009 JAP VIBE TERRACE custom diorama for 1/12 scale figures

a special diorama commissioned by Lullaby Winds anime restaurant and hobby shop, the owner requested me to craft a great looking diorama, according to the retail's theme. so she let me decide the theme of the diorama, and since Lullaby Winds' dealings involves Japanese toys and figures, i decided to give out a little Japan-esque touch, like terrace and a little garden here and there. plus a neat room inside to have a nice chat. so more details after the break

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

555+ Dangerous Bangkok 9.13 [Indoor Photoshoot]

Livin the life intensely, that's the way these riders lived their lives, that's just the same as everywhere... that includes Bangkok, the big city famous with it's nightlights and Buddhism landmarks. and more of their intense story, after the break

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Next Generation Bronze Saint... Pegasus Kouga!! [Indoor Photoshoot]

Pegasus Kouga is on of the next generation major Bronze Saints and also the protagonist of the recently finished airing Saint Seiya Omega. as the successor of Pegasus Cloth, Kouga inherits the Pegasus Cloth from Seiya, the main protagonist of many Saint Seiya universe. thus Seiya was promoted into a Gold Saint, Sagittarius Seiya... Seeing Kouga in Omega is just how you could see Seiya in his earlier days, being young, hot-headed, indecisive and unresolved, brings back good ol' times haha. so more Pegasus Kouga, after the break...
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