Thursday, 12 September 2013

Prince of Sadness - RX RoboRider [Indoor Photoshoot]

as Kotaro Minami falls deep down into his sorrows, for failing to save the little girl trapped inside a cave, he was cornered by the Robot kaiju Death Garon, Kotaro cried... so hard that it awakens the latent power inside RX's kingstone, allowing him to assume the form of the Prince of sadness... RX RoboRider!! more after the break

so basically, RX RoboRider is an upgraded version of Black RX

comes with a totally different design that is totally badass, RoboRider is equipped with his ultra powerful gun, Vortex Shooter

the design is mainly robot-esque with his Kingstone turned into some sort of Gearbox to justify the robot-esque theme of RoboRider

Blasting an ultra powerful blast, Vortex Shooter is one hella of a powerful weapon

different from Black RX -greenish dark and black color tones, RoboRider comes with a striking orange lines with the main color of black

Unlike the other form such as Black RX and Bio Rider which is ultra agile in their movements, Robo Rider looks bulkier and sturdier plus he is slower in movements

while walking, RoboRider resembles just the way a robot should be walking, slowly with the robotic moves...

you could even say that RoboRider trades agility for extra defense and attack power

just like Black RX when he get to draw his Revolcane, when RoboRider draws upon his Vortex Shooter, there is no way in hell that his opponent would survive his ultimate attack

the design, although it was made 30 years ago, still amazes me that it was not such a boring and oldskool design even until now

RoboRider is totally cool and fresh because it is completely different from Black RX default form

looks cool with the striking orange lines!!

RX RoboRider is all about sorrow, that is probably why he get the title the Prince of Sadness

the red line under his compound eyes signifies tears of blood, which represents his expression of grief and sadness because of his inabilty to save the people that is precious to him

falling into sadness once more, ends my post on RX Roborider...
took these photos on about f/5.6~f/11 with the shutter speed ranging from 1/20~1/30 with ISO value of 3200
i'll be back with more interesting posts... so stay tune people!
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BIG THANKS to my man Fahrudin Odin for lending me this gig
and he is selling it for IDR 1.400.000 if you are interested please contact me 
Thanks for Viewing and... catch y'all on next post!!!


over & out!!!

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