Tuesday, 17 December 2013

SPREAD!! Wings of freedom... ancient Pegasus Tenma!! [Outdoor Photoshoot]

when i was a kid, I watched Saint Seiya and keep on wondering on their transformation scene when the saints get to equip their cloths. having formed into objects and then with the power of cosmo, it magically moves to the user... i was fascinated especially on Pegasus Cloth, it got wings, yet i never see Seiya get to equip them... but then again it turned out that the wings part are folded into back armor. so after successfully obtained Pegasus Tenma Cloth Myth, i think the wings could be put into a good use... more after the break

the wings from the object of Pegasus Tenma are really beautiful, unlike Seiya's Pegasus wings on his initial bronze cloth... which is substantially smaller in size 

another difference is how the wings are spread, compared to Seiya's intial bronze cloth's wings, the one Tenma has looks more elegant and more complicated 

i had to use some bluetack to glue the wings down to Tenma's back, took me quite some time but it was worth the effort. it looks much better

and this is just another re-imagination of how pegasus initial cloth would look like if the wings on the object was used

after all, cloths having wings are just the previledge to those elite cloths that them higher ups get to wear... like sagitarrius cloth, or maybe elite specter like 3 judges of hell and the rest would be them Kamui cloths, that only gods get to wear

could these wings fly? i sure do hope so~

hmmm it's fun to re imagine how a pegasus would fly with his wings, just as the saints of Athena, let's just say they just burn their cosmo to achieve that flight :) after all, a pegasus is just another regular horse if the ability to fly was taken away

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