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SIC kiwami tamashii kamen rider Kuuga Mighty form

Kamen Rider Kuuga picks up years after the last kamen rider series, kamen rider Black RX that dates back to 1989, and so his tagline was A New Hero, A New Legend, yes pretty convincing considering it a refreshment after a long long hiatus of the kamen rider franchise, i still remember being crazy about the show when i was junior high, so Kuuga just gives me this nostalgic feeling. these are my photos of SIC kiwami tamashii kamen rider Kuuga Mighty form. more after the break...
the default and the weakest form of Kuuga is the Growing form, when Yuusuke Godai transforms into kamen rider Kuuga for the first time, he became Growing form. and also that growing form is the form he assumes after severely beaten up by the Grongis. well after some time he gets the hang out of the henshin gig and so he...

transforms into Kuuga Mighty form everytime he say HENSHIN! and Mighty form is Kuuga's default form (at least to brawl around) aside from Growing form

and this here is Kuuga's trademark pose

i tried to recreate the scene from the ruins with my limited resource so i made a simple diorama of stones. and it turned out to be quite decent...

the show clearly states that Mighty form assumes the fire element as represented by the dominant red color on him, so his fists and kicks are always fiery~

WATCH OUT!!! enemy from above!

CHOU HENSHIN!!! Rising Mighty form!!!

and with the power of GOLD, he transforms into Rising Mighty form

Kuuga Rising Mighty is a more powerful version of the default Mighty form, it empowers Kuuga with the ability that's a little bit advanced compared to the Mighty form, plus the decoration of Gold Linings and Shinguards all over the body is quite stunning i'd say

embracing the power of darkness, Kuuga transforms into a more powerful mighty form, 
the Amazing Mighty form
and yes this Amazing Mighty is customized digitally using Photoshop...

check out the difference on this one and my customized version of SIC kiwami tamashii kamen rider Kuuga Amazing Mighty at ->

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me will be back with better and moarr madness
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  1. cool photosession, maybe you can review the figure too, like articulation, pro and cons about this s.i.c figure :)


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