Thursday, 15 August 2013

[Event] Tamashii Highlights 2013 @ Pondok Indah Mall 4-18 August 2013

Tamashii Highlights 2013 at Pondok Indah Mall 1 - Jakarta, Indonesia is an event, organized by the representatives of Tamashii Nations Singapore branch to promote their products, especially SHFiguarts and Robot Damashii since there is a lot of Indonesian fans and collectors that is really enthusiastic about collecting BANDAI's lines of action figures. so more info after the break
not exactly the FIRST showcasing event from Tamashii Nations, this time they feature only two of the SHFiguarts, Sailor moon and kamen rider Blade

so here's the overall view to the booth, not really that big but at least they are quite decent

here are some of the displays

old releases to be shown

the recent proto of kamen rider Blade, up until this post is written it is still in pre-order session plus the sign near the figure stated as COMING SOON

yep Usagi the Sailor Moon, up until this post is written Usagi has been released and has been on sale in Japan

everybody loooves Greeen Ranger, Tommy Oliver aiiight. SHFiguarts Dragon Ranger from Zyuranger

and everybody loooves Jason the Red Ranger too. SHFiguarts Tyranno Ranger from Zyuranger

finally early masked rider 1, my favourite version of masked rider 1 has been released and i get to see it in person. but sadly the colors made me dissapointed, that's because it's not show accurate. it should've been blue!

amazon and X, the pose doesn't really look good

yep... kamen rider super 1

kamen rider OOO Sagozo combo, with his trademark pose

am i looking hot? said shocker combatant

Thanks for the meal !!

look at me!! i am WILD TIGER!! HERO OF JUSTICE!!

promising hero Barnaby Brooks Jr.

DX MMZ-00 the transformation device of Malshina from Akibarangers

some Robot Damashii displays

figures for sale~ by Multi Toys... i got good bargain there!

went there with some friends, and made some new friends!

and here's a little message from the wronged Masked Rider 1 to BANDAI...

well that sums up about Tamashii Highlights that took place at Pondok Indah Mall 1
SHFIndo will be handling games prized SHFiguarts Limited Kamen Rider Ryuga & Robot Damashii Banshee Norn. be sure to check out
upcoming event would be Bandung Hobbies Fest and Anime Festival Indonesia 2013
i'll be sure to post about the event here so stay tune! 
don't forget to visit my other gallery over at

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