Sunday, 4 May 2014

Miku's dramatic adventure [Indoor Photoshoot]

because i'm quite busy (and lazy) these days, i prefer not to think about background really much, but i try to bring something different and entertaining. so i make it into some kind of soap opera coz everybody loves soap opera although not everybody~ starting from poisoning a certain somebody they call titan, this soap opera shots gonna have crazy turnabout in the end. more story after the break

Friday, 2 May 2014

[dioramaworks] #008 LOST RUINS ver. 2.0 - custom diorama for 1/12 scale action figures

per request of many friends as a commissioned work, my previously fixed LOST RUINS was modified into something better, to meet their needs and to give much much flexibility in terms of combination and aesthetic. more details after the break

[dioramaworks] #007 STEEP HILL - custom diorama for 1/12 scale action figures

Green hills, with lush vegetations, of greens and natural brown soil, nobody would hate such landscape, and it comes to my mind that i probably should make such hill, so i made this gig, the steep hill diorama. more details after the break

[dioramaworks] #006 LAVABED - custom diorama for 1/12 scale action figures

Deep down inside the earth, lies the very force of earth, in the form of undying heat that melts even rocks, into the burning lava, and here i am trying to recreate that scene out of my imagination, through one of my creations, the LAVABED diorama. and this one is also my first diorama set consisted of two-piece diorama that can stand alone or combined as one out of the two pieces. more info after the break
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