Saturday, 21 September 2013

[event]Culture Night Japan by Danny Choo - Jakarta Design Centre, Sept 9th 2013

After gettin busy in Anime Festival Asia 2013 a.k.a AFAID13, Danny Choo the producer of Culture Japan decided to arrange a friendly event titled Culture Japan Night at Jakarta Design Centre on the 9th of September 2013, there he get to meet and greet his fans who resides in Jakarta. so more about Culture Japan Night after this break

at the beginning of the event, Danny Choo gave his warm welcome to his fans

and showed how far he has been on his Culture Japan show

and he get to play us the first episodes of Angelic Layer

the lady over at the right is Danny's wife...

the event is pretty crowded, i didn't know Danny Choo's got lotsa fans over here in Indonesia

Mirai is the dolfie dream that Danny always get to carry around

sittin on the table... Mirai on various medias

at first i thought Danny wasn't as friendly as he was a famous and well known person, meeting him in person changed my perspective on him, he was such a friendly and welcoming kind of guy

card masters with their gigs, looks complicated to me

various art by ernn. she was such a talented artist, even opened a booth over at the recent AFAID13. don't forget to visit her web at

ART trade on Mirai goodies

somebody cosplayed as Mirai, the mascot of Culture Japan, too bad i didn't ask for her name

looks like i know this guy from somewhere, but not really sure, anyway good stuff he brought at the event, various awesome figures

my camera distorted when i take this pic, it was such an otherworldly act by certain figure

oh wow, another custom figure of BIMA SATRIA GARUDA!! yay i'm a big fan of BIMA, so glad to see this gig

figmas seen over at the event

Asuna from Sword Art Online Dolfie Dream

miku is here DAYO

BRS figma

Mirai Suenaga the mascot of Culture Japan figures

so i offered Mirai a BENG BENG but it looks like she doesn't really want it so... i ate it myself...

various great looking Mirai illustrations, done by various illustrators

wanna get photos taken by Mirai?

Mirai Millenium cosplayer

left early, end up in a lonely corner of this city... again. somehow i don't really feel bothered by the lonely feeling again... lik i used to... so mellow and dramatic night...

well the Culture Japan Night was really fun, i look forward to it again...
and i'll be back with another interesting posts for sure so...
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Thanks for Viewing and... catch y'all on next post!!!


over & out!!!

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