Thursday, 30 January 2014

RISE!! with the Dragons!! Happy Chinese New Year! [Indoor Photoshoot]

Yay!! it's my favourite time of the year again... Chinese New Year!! aside from the festivities of Idul Fitri (yay lotsa holidays) and Christmas (yay X-Mas party!) it was such a fantastic time to gather and socialize with families and relatives, commonly sharing red packages (yay!) to bring luck and prosperity to everybody... and Chinese New Year is often associated with RED and DRAGONS... see a pattern here? i see one on Ryuki & his contract monster Dragredder. so more of em... after the break

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

FEEL!! the evil within the Dragon!! [Indoor+Outdoor Photoshoot]

I used to watch a lot of Power Rangers when i was a kid, making me a happy one indeed, who doesn't know Tommy the legendary Green ranger? from the series MMPR, it was even more popular than the Zyurangers, the original super sentai that is adaptated into power rangers... more after the break

Friday, 17 January 2014

[Photowalk] Chillin' out with my homeboys at Lullaby Winds Cafe, Pantai Indah Kapuk

it was Tuesday, 14th of January 2014, me along with some homeboys, Jo, Arya, Karisma, Ferry"mamad" and Hindarto decided to roll together to the newly opened Lullaby Winds Anime Resto... it was a great chance to enjoy ourselves from our personal daily routine and check out new stuffs and just having fun. ladies on the photo above are the fantastic staffs that run this resto with fantastic services!! moarrr about the cafe after the break

Hari itu Selasa, 14 Januari 2014, saya bersama kawan kawan, Jo, Arya, Karisma, Ferry "mamad" dan Hindarto memutuskan untuk bersama sama pergi dan nongkrong di kafe yang baru dibuka, Lullaby Winds Anime Resto... hal tersebut merupakan kesempatan baik bagi kami untuk bersenang senang dan sejenak meninggalkan rutinitas pribadi dan melihat lihat hal hal dan barang baru dan hanya bersenang senang. para wanita di foto diatas adalah staff fantastis dengan pelayanan yang fantastis!!

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

MOVE!! stylishly like a swaggin' dandy~ [Indoor Photoshoot]

Stylish, Swag, Dandy, Gorgeous is how you describe an elegantly worn suit. somehow the combination of black and white, the classic colors that never dies down, suited for all ages, just feels timeless! formal, casual, workplace, hanging out, any ocassion... you name it! suits just fit in pretty neatly on men... ladies loves the suits... some fashion journal even said that suits could make just every man looks handsome and gorgeous (if worn properly). Sanji & Kamen Rider Skull, just love swaggin with their suit-like appearances~ more swaggin looks after the break!!

Sunday, 12 January 2014

FEAR!!! Shadow Moon returns with Darkness!! [Indoor photoshoot+diorama]

Black Sun!! I shall bring your demise... that's probably what Shadow Moon gets to say almost every time... even until now... it was such a tragedy that a cool looking rider like him stands on the dark side... well i think Black wouldn't look much like a great villain if he was the villain huh? more after the break

Saturday, 11 January 2014

ROAR!!! Hero of Justice... Wild Tiger!! [Indoor Photoshoot]

"It's time to Let out the WILD ROAR!!" yeah Wild Tiger is on the scene... this iconic protagonist from the popular anime Tiger & Bunny finally hit my shelf... one of my long-time wishlist that i couldn't afford but at least now i got it... they say wait till the hype went down then buy at a reasonable price~ yep that works for me aiiiiiiight. so more Tiger... after the break...

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

TERROR!! the Colossal Titan strikes the wall!! [Indoor Photoshoot]

Hello puny humans~ the TERROR has come!!! and yeahhhhh it finally arrived!! Nendoroid Colossal Titan Playset that i have been wanting for months since last year... and though super late, i would very much like to wish you all my readers happy new year 2014 and i hope all of us have another great year up ahead... without further delay... feel the TERROR of the titans after the break!!!
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