Friday, 28 June 2013

SIC kiwami tamashii kamen rider Agito Trinity form [Indoor Photoshoot]

I am so glad for finally getting this good stuff to my collection of toys, Kamen Rider Agito Trinity form is the combined forces of three different powers, that is Flame symbolized by the red, Storm symbolized by the blue and ground/basic Agito power into one single entity. wielding these powers, Agito is equipped with both the Flame Sword and Storm Halberd. more images after the break

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Ankh - the complete Greeed [Indoor+outdoor photoshoot]

as a Greeed, Ankh is really different from the rest, because of his colorful and elegant appearance that sets him apart aside from the fact that he is such a wild card. why is it that i refer him as a wild card? it is known to many that ankh tend to side with either the protagonists (kamen rider OOO & the gang) or the antagonists (other Greeeds) depending on which side which benefits him and all his plot. Ankh is the most cunning greeed, exploiting everybody for the sake of his interests... and the SHFiguarts is really worthy to buy, a real classy masterpiece from the action figure series, and these are all my photos about greeed ankh... you can view more after the break...

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Saejima Kouga is... GARO [Indoor Photoshoot]

the Golden Knight... bears the heavy burden of being mankind's LAST HOPE and SAVIOR... but who is his identity? he is of the bloodline whose family has donned the Golden Armor for Generations, of the Saejima family , he is Saejima Kouga... wearing the enigmatic Golden Armor, for 2 seasons of the long running series GARO since 2006, currently the one donning the Golden Armor and seized the title GARO is Dogai Ryuga, acting as protector of VolCity... more photos of Kouga after the break

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Silver Knight ZERO [Indoor Photoshoot]

ZERO, is the one who holds the title "Silver Fanged Wolf Knight" or Ginga Kishi ZERO. first appearance is in the very first season of GARO... ZERO or Suzumura Rei is a vengeful Makai Knight who lost everyone he loved by the hands of another mysterious Makai Knight, set on a journey on vengeance, at first he thought GARO was the one who killed his loved ones, constantly attacking him and getting into fights with Golden Knight... in the end, it turned out the ones who killed his loved ones is Dark Knight KIBA... not GARO. as the Silver Knight, in terms of strength and abilites, he is second to GARO, and comes with design that rivals the Golden Knight's. so here are my photos about ZERO, more after the break

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

SIC KT kamen rider Blade Jackform [Outdoor Photoshoot]

with these crimson wings... i shall reach the limitless sky, and to attain my unattainable dreams... 

I am so happy to get my hands on my long lost wishlist, SIC kiwami tamashii kamen rider Blade Jack Form... it was such an great figure with superb detail and altough the articulation is not as good as SHFiguarts, well the transparent crimson wings are just TOTAL WIN... and also i'd like to share a little motivation along with the my photos of SIC kiwami tamashii kamen rider Blade Jack form... more after the break

miku's hangout story [Indoor Photoshoot @ Excelso MKG 3]

hmmm... this month is really FUN, i get to hang out with both old and new friends, even better, get to bring along toys and take good photos out of em and the places we hung out... so here's another tale from my pet nendoroid Miku... i don't know why but she just so in an unpleased state... let's see her story this time... after the break

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

[Community] ToyGraphy ID meet up @ Excelso MKG 3

left to right sitting - by instagram ID
@shandee_cvitanich - @riephz - @johandiyahya 
left to right standing
@yoghiidris - @10toygallery - @dejivrur

ToyGraphy ID is a community consisted of many people from various age, background, and field of profession under one common hobby that is Toy Photography. what drives us is our passion towards Toys and Photography as well as our relations as fellow hobbyist. Founded in early 2013 by DesyAgnes (the lady in RED) our community is one that is based on Instagram & LINE group as our  interaction medias... and this is our latest meet up at Excelso cafe Mall Kelapa Gading 3

ToyGraphy ID adalah komunitas yang tersusun atas berbagai macam orang dari berbagai usia, latar belakang dan profesi yang berbeda beda dibawah hobi yang sama yaitu Fotografi Toys/Mainan. yang membuat kami bergerak adalah hasrat kami terhadap Toys/Mainan dan Fotografi serta hubungan kami antara sesama pehobi. Dibentuk pada awal 2013 oleh DesyAgnes (wanita berbaju merah), komunitas kami berbasis pada Instagram & grup LINE sebagai media interaksi kami... dan ini adalah meet up terakhir kami di Excelso cafe Mall Kelapa Gading 3

Monday, 10 June 2013

[Photowalk] super FUN day out with old friends @Central Park, Jakarta

after the lunch, we get to take photos together... i am so glad the ladies are seriously photogenic and they are very cooperative on the photo session with me.... so enjoy the photos guys, glad to hang out with you guys again... more photos after the break

setelah makan siang, kami berkesempatan untuk foto foto bersama... saya sangat senang para wanita sangat fotogenik dan koperatif sekali ketika sesi foto dengan saya... jadi nikmatilah foto fotonya kawan, senang bisa berkumpul bersama kalian lagi... lebih banyak foto setelah jeda

[Photowalk] Grubbin' together @Tokio Kitchen - Central Park Jakarta

and so some days ago... i get to meet some old friends and get a grub together along with them over at Tokio Kitchen @ Central Park Jakarta. the place is like a food court along with stalls selling various japanese foods & drinks... everybody get to choose the most appealing to them, or not... just to sit around and enjoy the place is not a wrong thing to do... the place is seriously interesting. more photos after the break

dan beberapa hari yang lalu... saya berkesempatan untuk menemui beberapa teman lama dan makan bersama mereka di Tokio Kitchen @ Central Park Jakarta. tempat tersebut merupakan sejenis food court dengan kios kios yang menjual berbagai macam makanan & minuman jepang... semua orang dapat memilih yang paling menarik untuknya, atau tidak... hanya duduk duduk disana dan menikmati suasananya tentu saja bukan hal yang salah untuk dilakukan... tempat itu benar benar menarik. lebih banyak foto setelah jeda

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Golden Knight GARO [indoor photoshoot]

Golden Knight GARO a.k.a Ougon Kishi GARO is the Highest title bestowed upon one that has achieved perfection in self control, emotions, and best abilities above the rest of the Makai Knights, to simply put it, GARO is the strongest, the best, the ultimate Makai Knight. and the Golden Armor just signifies and distinguishes him from the rest of the knights... and these are my photos about GARO, more after the break

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

SHFiguarts Kamen Rider Black [Indoor+outdoor Photoshoot]

Kamen Rider Black is such an enigmatic character for the kids of 90's like me... he is totally the childhood superhero, that inspired many people even until now... his heroic story begins when the cult Gorgom captured him and his half brother, only to be turned into remodelled humans to do Gorgom's evil biddings, more photos after the break

Sunday, 2 June 2013

miku the TUYUL bullying story [Outdoor photoshoot + dioramas]

tuyul... is a mischievious spirit being of Indonesian culture, it's size is about as tall as a 4-year old child, and well known to act as familiars to certain shaman or anybody that makes contract with them, and commonly known as thieving spirits. the owner of these TUYULs often had their familiars to steal precious belongings of other people from their homes, their drawers and safes... which causes instant uproar when happened... nendoroids quite have the same characteristics as TUYULs because of their size and appearance, so here's bad black hopper trying to tease my new nendoroid... more after the break

Saturday, 1 June 2013

[Photowalk] Long exposure night out @ Sunter-Kemayoran, Jakarta

Yo what's up, dejivruR's in da house, now some nights ago, i decided to get back on the old hobby, taking pics on da streetz, a photowalk around the streets near my hood, and these are what i get from the photowalk, interesting photos that satisified my soul... this time i get to play with slow shutter speed. more after the break
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