Thursday, 20 February 2014

LOVE!! untold romance of the golden rider [Indoor Photoshoot+diorama]

so after all this time... Caucasus finally feel like sharing his long lost love story, waaaaayyy back before his battle with Kabuto in GOD SPEED LOVE... it turned out that he once have a sweetheart... and loved her very much. catch the story after the break

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

BEHOLD!! ZECT's rider of golden beetle... Kamen Rider Caucasus!! [Indoor Photoshoot]

Kamen Rider Caucasus has been listed a long-time ago on my wishlist, and it's a good thing now that i have obtained this gig yet it was fantastic (although it was bow-legged) regardless it was such a fine figuarts especially with the very special looking blue rose part included. more Caucasus golden goodness after the break

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

[dioramaworks] #004 DESERT RUINS - custom diorama for 1/12 scale action figures

another ruins... this time it's situated on a desert (back in sandland aiiight). and i could even say that this is by far, my simplest handmade diorama that does not go around with complicated parts and props and easier to assemble, plus the height isn't too problematic that it does not takes a lot of space to store. i could just stack it below the other dioramas. more details after the break

[dioramaworks] #003 DEAD WOODS - custom diorama for 1/12 scale action figures

sometimes I do not realize what i have made till it is made, and some how so far, dioramas i made are centered around deathly, lost, battle-torn, and somehow to connect as a result of a battle... that's probably because i get to collect figures of heroes (especially kamen riders), best portrayed in a battle situation and the outcome of it... so here's another of my old dioramawork, back in 2012 as my third one, the DEAD WOODS. more details after the break

Monday, 10 February 2014

[dioramaworks] #002 LOST RUINS extension - custom diorama for 1/12 scale action figures

It was another idea for me on how to attach one diorama set for another, and so i thought to my self what if i make it longer as an extension to the first one and at least i did nicely on this extension set for my second handmade diorama, it makes me feel satisfied somehow, even though not being commissioned for it at that time... details after the break

[dioramaworks] #001 LOST RUINS - custom diorama for 1/12 scale figures

Back in 2012, I started making dioramas for those 1/12 scaled action figures, the idea was discussed along with my friends on how we would bring around a great looking displays of kamen rider SHFiguarts in a better looking environtment rather than being lined up regularly inside the glass drawer. so one of my friends think, why don't we create something as the supporting environtment, in a form of diorama. at first i wasn't sure at all if we could make it, but after some brainstorming when i was alone, thinking a good concept about some cool looking environtment, i tried to make one, and here is my first handmade diorama ever, the LOST RUINS. details after the break

Sunday, 2 February 2014

[Photowalk] Festival of Lights at Tribeca Park, Central Park Mall - Jakarta

Last New Year eve on 2013, i get to visit Central Park mall along with my family and unexpectedly the mall was holding this festival of light event over at their Tribeca Park. it was such a pleasant event with all the lights and colorful ambience celebrating christmas along with the upcoming new year of 2014. more after the break
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