Thursday, 8 August 2013

Space Bear Gyaban - custom vinyl toy [Indoor Photoshoot]

Hello again, i'm so glad to that my FIRST custom toy... has finally finished... 
so here's a little story of it...
from a galaxy far far away, of Planet Bear... a single HERO Rise! to protect Planet Bear from the invasion of Space Gangster Mabbu... with his silver armor he stands above the rest of the Popobe bear race... to be the vanguard against all evil that the Gangsters might commit against Popobe bears!!! He is Space Bear Gyaban a.k.a Uchuu Kuma Gyaban!!! more after the break
it is very clear that Japanese Tokusatsu has a big influence on this

yep it is the pioneer of metal heroes franchise that inspired me to make this gig

it's Space Sheriff Gavan... a.k.a Uchuu Keiji Gavan

the base is called Popobe bear vinyl toys, it's height is about 3 inch tall

definitely not my masterpiece since it's quite messed up but still i'm quite satisfied of it

i used enamel based paints on this gig, and the addtional scuplts with epoclay

and this is how it looks from the back

more details of the back

and this is the comparison with the base i used (Popobe bear vinyl toy 3 inch)

so here are some photos from the past WIP times

the earlier scuplts

painting session with it

and so the final product

Space Bear Gyaban looks taller than the regular Popobe bear because i did a bit of moditication on the neck joint

and now HUG you two!!!

yeah move it!!

they said HI to you all~

it's the infinite spaaaaaaceeee!!!!

won't ya sit now Gyaban?

Ooh Space Bear Gyaban just had a new fan! an alien from another planet called Rastacan!! he loooves Gyaban from the looks of it...

so basically the fan visit makes Gyaban a little bit busy so he will probably back another time
stay tune for moarrrr of my fantastic gigs...
i've got one more customized gig just like this but he's just a little... different~
don't forget to visit my other gallery over at

Thanks for Viewing and... catch y'all on next post!!!


over & out!!!

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