Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Naivehead Kaiju - custom Kaiju toy by dejivruR

So... after Space Bear Gyaban as my first custom toy, i get to make my second one... so here's Naivehead Kaiju... here's a little story of it...

Naivehead kaiju is a simple minded kaiju, it is naive, and does not have the common sense to feel what is going on around it, what is really happening, or the reality that people doesn't like monstrous creatures shaped like him... although not every people think that way... and all Naivehead kaiju ever want is the warmth of love, the affection of people that loved him... so that for sure he would love back other people... by doing so he believes that the world would be a better place for everybody filled with love and without hatred... so naive to think like that while the world doesn't work that way... more details after the break

photo courtesy of : pacificrim wikia
so why would i make this ridiculously looking Naivehead Kaiju, yes that is right, because i watched PACIFIC RIM along with some friends from INDOGOKIN. and that certainly left me with deep deep impression, especially on the Kaiju... personally i never liked Kaiju anyways, but my perspective turned upside down the moment i watched them Kaijus PACIFIC RIM. i found them so mesmerizing so i decided to... portray them in my own special and unique way through Naivehead kaiju custom toy...

here are some pics from the past WIP. materials are mostly of epoxy putty called EPOCLAY, and i get the neck joint by stripping off the hands and leg parts of 3 inch popobe bear, so that the head part can rotate

it is when the overall scuplt finished and i just need to make it smoother before painting it

far from the actual sculpt of the original Knifehead Kaiju, i gave Naivehead kaiju a simpler sculpt

and don't forget the mesmerizing eyes

the mighty claws... yeah i looove em claws

aaaannnnd here's Naivehead Kaiju, the most naive kaiju ever existed... constantly looking for love

gold lining all over the body just like the original Knifehead kaiju

the one detail that i don't want to miss is the arm, the original Knifehead kaiju got this unique arm consisted of two bones, connected to the claws. i find that very much to my liking that i want to give that kind of detail to my custom kaiju

details of the back

details of the tail

LOVE... LOVE where are you LOVE?

so give it some LOVE maybe?

i need LOVE... says the kaiju

now it cries for LOVE, it longs for LOVE

even if it's cries wasn't enough, there is always a way to express the need... use the STRIKE sign!

please give me LOVE - Naivehead Kaiju

hey LOVE, would you come to me? or should i come to you?

read my SIGN, hear my ROAR

oohh i am so tired of crying out loud for LOVE, hopefully someone will read my SIGN so i'll just quitely stand here okei?

poor Naivehead Kaiju... nobody gives it some LOVE... hopefully someone will give it LOVE another time... so goodluck finding LOVE from others Naivehead Kaiju... and that's probably the end of this post too...
don't forget to visit my other gallery over at http://dejivrur.deviantart.com

Thanks for Viewing and... catch y'all on next post!!!


over & out!!!

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