Saturday, 27 July 2013

shadowmoon day out at the ruins [outdoor photoshoot + dioramas]

ahhh it's a good day to relax at the ruins... so peaceful and tranquil, this calm is just about before the storm... why a storm? there's gonna be a battle nearby... check out more after the break~

shadowmoon appears? wait... what exactly is he doing in the ruins?

in search for new power he said...

the battle with RX... since he tried to stop shadowmoon

dominating power of shadowmoon, forces RX to retreat

kamen rider 1 heard their battle, engages shadowmoon with hopper kung-fu, shadowmoon replied with provocation and shit just got real!

overpowered by kamen rider 1, shadowmoon hides, it's becoming more like a hide and seek game

caught by the elder, and so given good advice on brotherly relations. shadowmoon tried to be good and better

so they becomes good brothers...

that's probably the end of story for now, but don't worry, 
i'll be back with moarrr and better photosets so stay tune yo~
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Thanks for Viewing and... catch y'all on next post!!!


over & out!!!

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