Monday, 16 September 2013

Shockerman in action [Indoor Photoshoot]

one great thing about oldskool kamen rider is that they got this undying evil organization called SHOCKER or Sacred Hegemony of blah blah blah google it yourself... and they got spin off all over the kamen rider franchise like Dai-Shocker, Shin-Shocker, Gel-Shocker, Super-Shocker and many other... so to simply put... every evil organization has always got henchmen alright? so this Shocker Combatman... is seriously fun to play with... not sure? how about checking out the rest of my photos after this break...

uhhh i need to take a leak!! everyday, and now is the time...

What the hell kid? why are you watching me taking a leak?

keep watching me kid, i'll tear off something important

THAT'S IT!!! i'm gonna bust you kid! IIIIIIIIKKKKKKKKK!!!

so i'll start by circumsicing you

no but i prefer to i'll kill you...

Yo Henchmen!!, it's bustin time!!! KID is SAVED!

Combatman skill... CLOACKING

get ready to die!! Kaixa

and this... isn't even my final form yet!

now to take on faiz... i'll disguise myself as and old man!

damn he busted me!!! daaaaaaammmnnnn IIIIIKKKK

that's the end of your evil... SHOCKER punk!!

defeated... Shocker henchmen plans on revenge! he retreated with his life and started to devise another evil plan... what will the plan be? and how? it'll be next time... so stay tune at this blog!
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