Monday, 23 September 2013

HEROES in Tone-mapped world [Outdoor+Indoor Photoshoot]

HEROES... are even moarrrr fantasic, when they are in a world full of colors... for instance... just like this. so few months ago i came around to a form of photoprocessing, and it is called tonemapping. and what exactly is tonemapping? it's a method of processing numbers of same images, with different exposure values, and compress them into one single images that contained datas from the combined images... so more about tonemapping after the break

as i explained earlier... tonemapping was a method of photoprocessing done by combining numbers of the exact same image with different exposures... and by doing so, creates a whole different image...

the main goal of tonemapping... is to bring out colors... the ones... the combination that is not found through normal image processing (editing brightness, contrast, clarity, saturation, etc) but rather as a unity of all different combination of colors, that is hidden within ever exposure value on different images.

just like this photo of SHFiguarts Masked Rider 1 the FIRST ver, normally all i get is cyan-ish blue on the image, but through combining different exposures of about -4 to +4, i brought out the textures and colors that is not seen on a normal image processing result. at least not as satisfying as this to me...

the other goal of tonemapping is also to bring out the shadings and gradation of colors in a smooth way, making images more dramatic with enhanced color gradation, textures and shadings

and the softwares i used to post-process these images was adobe lightroom for basic image enhancement , Adobe Photoshop to create various exposure from one single image, Photomatix for tonemapping process, and lastly Noiseware free edition to reduce unwanted noise that might appear as a result

just as this old photo of SHFiguarts Kiva Emperor i took few years ago, i tried to fix it up through tonemapping, done enhancing it's colors to be more vibrant and attractive

well i tried to make shadowmoon look much more dramatic, though i failed miserably on this one... but that just mean that i have to work harder to attain better results

this is also the same with the earlier Kiva Emperor image... the original image is waaaayy duller than this

this is also the same, the original image lack the vibrant colors such as these

sooo lastly... i think shadowmoon is mad that certain somebody stole his bike... even asked his bro to chase the stolen bike

next time i'll post about my other tone-mapped photoworks,
or maybe some POP ART... so stay tune people...
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Thanks for Viewing and... catch y'all on next post!!!


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