this blog is run by none other that dejivruR, this blog aims to be his gallery of photos he took as a part of lifelong journey to seek perfection and as a place to show the world about all the artworks he made.

he worked as an amateur architect, but constantly strives to be a better artist in many fields such as architecture and photography, his hobby includes gaming and collecting action figures, also hanging out with friends is a fun way to spend quality time...

dejivruR loooves taking pictures with my camera, by taking photos of various objects and places he aimed to be inspired and makes him passionate about the world... learning various values from many people...

this blog is a gallery mainly dedicated to toy photos. dejivruR loooves action figures, but people tend to refer them as toys... he collects mainly SHFiguarts, Nendoroids, SIC kiwami tamashii, and a Revoltech, and probably will buy more in the future... expect to see fantastic photos from him... 

SIC kiwami tamashii

he also loooves to travel, although he does not do much of it, actually he is excited in taking pictures of places to go and visit, see all the differences and learn from various values of the many places he visited...
@dejivrur's hometown Pontianak
Bunaken, Manado
Pulau Pari, kepulauan Seribu

aside from all that dejivruR strives for perfection, try to be better and better everyday, trying to make positive progress each day, so he can be a better person by each day passing...

he can also be reached over at :
deviantART -> http://dejivrur.deviantart.com
twitter -> @dejivrur
instagram -> @dejivrur or http://instagram.com/dejivrur


  1. Hi! I've added you to my blogroll. I cropped one of your pictures to make a banner. If you didn't like the banner that I made, feel free to send me one with a 174x60 dimension. :)

    1. thank you very much, it is very appreciated, i already put yours on mine. thanks again~

  2. keren2 bro (y)
    izin add ke blogroll yahh :D



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