Friday, 13 December 2013

REVIVAL!! Seiya's Pegasus God-Cloth... Rise from ashes!! [Indoor Photoshoot+diorama]

Pegasus God Cloth is the last evolution of the Bronze-class cloth in the universe of Saint Seiya... and also the cloth that the main protagonist Seiya dons for hundreds of episodes from the first Galaxian wars arc until Hades chapter and carries on after to Heaven's Chapter : Overture before finally be inherited to the next generation of Pegasus constellation saint, Kouga... more about Pegasus God Cloth after the break...

after being severely beat up by many of his adversaries, Seiya, and his gang set out to rescue Athena in Hades chapter arc which is an OVA to the original series of Saint Seiya... and so after they meet up with Athena, only to find out that she has been murdered by Spectre invading the Sanctuary. later on Pope Aries Sion who at the moment dons a Spectre Surplice, sprinkled some of Athena's blood to revive the previously broken bronze cloths

and from there on the bronze saint's dons their 3rd version of cloths, also known as V3 cloths...

and after the bloody and tormenting battle at many parts of underworld... the five legendary bronze saints, finally gained access to Elysium... or simply, Heaven, another dimension where pure mortals go after their deaths and also the place where gods resides

confronted by Thanatos, the cloths of the young bronze saints was destroyed into ashes single-handed by the God of Death himself. he considers dirty and sinful mortals like them does not have the right to enter elysium.

sensing that the bronze saints protecting the earth are in pinch, Poseidon's vessel Julian Solo suddenly awakened Poseidon's will inside him, and that he feels it was probably the time to stop Hades' ambition to cover earth with Darkness and rule over it, so he sends out Gold Cloths to aid the young Saints but they once again failed to defeat Thanatos...even with the power of Gold Cloths

when that time occurs, Athena whispers to her saints, burn you cosmo until you break your limits... reach out miracle... and suddenly, ashes from the bronze cloths... RISE and covers the body of Seiya, in light, there after Pegasus God Cloth is born!!! aside from burning the cosmo to the maximum level, God Cloth is also a result of a blessing Athena gave the saints through her sacrifical blood

later on the rest of the bronze saints gains their God Cloths after burning their cosmo to the maximum level... for me God Cloth is probably the most beautiful Cloth in Saint Seiya's universe, their wings, and their capability to fly signifies freedom and elegance... i don't feel regret over my purchase on this Saint Cloth Myth... probably i should get another one... or not...

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