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[event] AFAID13 - Anime Festival Asia 2013 @ Jakarta Convention Center 6-8 September 2013

So AFAID13 or Anime Festival Asia 2013 which was held at Jakarta Convention Center 6th-8th of September 2013 was quite sensational although many people complained about the visitors circulation flow which is really terrible especially on the second day, regardless it was fun and spectacular event with a lot of fantastic tenants. so moarrr about AFAID13 after the break aiiighhht

this is how it looks from above the convention

oh look it's DAFT PUNK

biggest toy vendor in Indonesia, MULTI TOYS

Yay it's BIMA SATRIA GARUDA booth!! BERUBAHHH!!! (berubah is Indonesian term for transform, or henshin!)

BIMA SATRIA GARUDA is Indonesia's Contemporary Superhero, a partnership between MNCTV's CEO Reino Barack who is also a big fan of kamen riders and ISHIMORI Productions which produced the long running franchise of kamen riders. some merchandises shown at AFAID13 includes the widely loved BIMA mask, and BIMA soft vinyl figure in various versions, also BIMA token plus the upcoming BIMA DX figure, minirole play Helios, BIMA Changer, and BIMA chest piece

running about 10 episodes so far, gotta say BIMA impresses me very deeply even though it wasn't as impressive as the long running kamen rider franchise, but i seriously like the character design which is heavily influenced by the sacred creature GARUDA, one that has been Indonesia's symbol for over 68 years

so here's MPAF, looks like proto is still quite rough, but the details are pretty good already

the illustration of MPAF packaging

just like Ryuki got his rival, Ryuga... BIMA's rival would be AZAZEL, the dark hero

BIMA SATRIA GARUDA is Ray Bramasakti, a humble motorcycle technician who have a kind heart, chosen to save earth from VUDO - an intergalactic space empire that have the intention of exploiting earth's resources for their own benefit.

 Ray Bramasakti uses Red POWER STONE to transform into BIMA SATRIA GARUDA, one that was stolen by Mikhail - the one who gave Ray his ability to transform into BIMA which is stolen from VUDO's head honcho, Rasputin. the Red Power Stone is embeeded to BIMA Changer which Ray wears on his right hand

and BIMA SATRIA GARUDA's got this weapon that can transform into different shapes and form, all by Ray's imagination, whether it is sword or dual blades, or even bows with energy arrows, Helios does the trick. pretty handy huh?

Indonesia is in BIG Hype coz of the titans

this is a display of our community of SHFiguarts lovers, SHFiguarts Indonesia also known as SHFIndo, the one community me and my friends try to make BIG, will be BIGGER and not impossible to be the BIGGEST in Indonesia. and by the way this diorama is handmade by me...

another display, both of the figures and the diorama owned by my friend Fahrudin Odin, he's a good guy

and this here, an abandoned warehouse is a diorama made by my friend, Avip Fukada, he's a great craftsman

hot burning LAVA diorama by me

our big community of SHFIndo

tamashii nations exhibition area, lotsa new products, the upcoming ones

blue spader and kamen rider Blade, really nice but i don't think i will be buying it anytime soon

Black Renewal still makes me confused whether to buy it or keep the old one, coz i kinda liked the old, skinny one...

looking buffed up... cool

but for the hopper, i certainly will get it sooner or later... coz i kinda like the hopper more thank black

nice hopper bike

so the sample of black and battlehopper renewal package

wizard Infinity looks really fabolous

the upcoming last showa rider... ZX

alternative ZERO is cool huh?

kamen rider abyss... only shown in decade world, surprisingly it was a regular release

some FZ of One Piece, getting better each time... rivals POP series!! impressive

don't try this at home kids, it's us being bad, Wicak and meh

it's Danny Choo's booth, culture japan

that's my man aiighhht wicak

behold the collosal titan, oh i'm so gonna buy this gig

the upcoming nendoroid mikasa, most people looked forward to it, but i ain't really that interested in her

some upcoming gigs from GSC

gone mad in ANIMAX japanesque booth, at night time, but it was really fun near the closing time

yo man... we are yakuza styled SHFjunkies

left to right my man Wicak, Avip Fukada, Fahrudin Odin, and lastly meh~

lotsa loot and freebies with lotsa fun with lotsa friends, special thanks to SHFIndo, and MULTI Toys for giving us SHFIndo members the space to showcase our displays and lotsa freebies... also my friends Wicak, Avip, Fahrudin, Bovie, Karisma, Johannes, and many others
see y'all at another event

so this wraps it up, see ya in the next post
and don't forget to visit my other gallery over at aiiiighhhhtttt


  1. the way you post it make it looks fun :) unlike whatmost people mention about how horrible the crowd or so

    ps ; foto yg "itu" kok ga di post :P

    1. thanks maaaaaaannn

      tiba tiba urat malu gue kesambung sendiri, jadi tiba tiba merasa malu buat post foto yang "itu" ay kekekekekek

  2. I want that bima mask too!!
    Proud supporter of indo's toku!

    1. the mask was great yeah. rumor says they are planning to continue the Satria Garuda franchise to the next season.... they will start filming at march 2014. hopefully next year would be a great year for Satria Garuda series


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