Sunday, 22 September 2013

GA RO - ZE RO [Indoor Photoshoot]

GARO the Golden Knight... ZERO the Silver Knight... these two legendary Makai Knights are the two key figures at the first and second season of GARO. they have both the intellect, prowress and strength, on a level that separates them from the rest of the Makai Knights... one scene that burned on my mind ever since was the battle between the two of them... somehow it's timeless to me... so more about GARO and ZERO after the break

GARO's Golden Armor, ZERO's Silver Armor... and the rest of the Makai Knights' armors are made out of Soul Metal, an otherworldly Metal that transcends all worldly Metal in GARO's universe.

and according to the latest information from GARO : Yami wo terasu mono, that Soul Metal was none other than a part of Zedom, the Horror General that once wreak Havoc in the world. it turned out that ancient civilization has successfully extracted and even made armors and weapon as counter action to Horrors. 

Humans who wore the armor and took up weapons of Soul Metal, trained in a special way, called Makai Knights. those who deepened their consent in Magic ways and craftsman became Makai priests, to support Makai Knights in the battle against horrors

GARO with his golden brilliance was the best, the highest level, the last hope for humanity

and this battle... is one of the most memorable of all GARO franchises and spin-offs 

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