Saturday, 24 August 2013

SHFiguarts Dragon Ranger [Indoor Photoshoot]

as a 90's kid, every 09:00 clock on sunday morning is what you call precious time... why? coz IT'S MORPHIN TIME!!! power rangers are comin to town... yeah that good times brings joy even until now... and one ranger that left the most impression on me is Green Ranger or Dragon Ranger in Zyuranger. somehow he stands out more compared to the other rangers, and got his own mecha to duke things out!! so more photos after the break

Green Ranger or Dragon Ranger is the actual sixth ranger from the famous series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers which is adapted from the original japanese super sentai show Zyuranger, and somehow the japanese counterpart is overshadowed by the US franchise which is Power Rangers

GOOO Green Ranger!!! one thing that makes Green Ranger stood out of the rest is the Dragon Armor, a golden vest like ornamental attribute on Green Ranger's torso... adds coolness and badass factor times 100!!! woo hooo

we all know when Green Ranger get to blow this gig, PARTY STARTS!!!

this blade, the blade of darkness once wielded by Green Ranger himself while he is controlled by the bad guys, as he snapped out of evil's grasped, this blade turned into pebbles... but still it is really a cool blade, especially decorated with that red gem...

wielding these blades... Green Ranger is UNBEATABLE!!

the Dragonic Dagger is one hell of a dangerous gig, it also acts as a flute, that could call out a giant dragon mecha, called Dragon Caesar... which is seriously BADASS

the combination of the golden Dragon Armor and the Green suit plus that Dragonic Dagger is one perfect combination called Green Ranger... the most badass Ranger power rangers franchise has ever known

can you feel the DRAGONIC Aura?

and this Green Ranger pose is just so legendary...

dual wield? YESS PLEASE!!!

Green Ranger is just too cool when he get to dual wield these blades!

most of these photos were take with the aperture f/11-16 with various shutter speed ranging from 1/15 to 1/40, and about ISO 1600 value at maximum... since my light source is only studying lamps, which is not too bright
aiiiight so that's probably my photos about Green Ranger, or SHFiguarts Dragon Ranger
i'll be back with more interesting posts... stay tune people!
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