Monday, 29 July 2013

Kamen Rider 555 : Blaster form [Indoor+Outdoor Photoshoot]

Blaster form is the ultimate form of Kamen Rider 555 or Faiz, transforms with Faiz Blaster gear, kamen rider 555 turns red blood color as he powers up into a fighter that is much more powerful than his regular form. so more images after the break

Sunday, 28 July 2013

SHFiguarts Kamen Rider OOO - TaJaDor combo photoset [Indoor+outdoor photoshoot]

TAKA!!! KUJAKU!!! CONDOR!!! TaJaDoru~~ as the three bird medals scanned... they gave power to Kamen Rider OOO, powers him up with flames and powers of the Bird King... to fly high in the sky!!! more after the break

Saturday, 27 July 2013

shadowmoon day out at the ruins [outdoor photoshoot + dioramas]

ahhh it's a good day to relax at the ruins... so peaceful and tranquil, this calm is just about before the storm... why a storm? there's gonna be a battle nearby... check out more after the break~

Monday, 15 July 2013

miku's PICNIC day [Indoor Photoshoot @POPCON ASIA 2013]

at the recent POPCON ASIA 2013 event at Jakarta Convention Center, i got the chance to meet and hang out along with my friends from ToyGraphyID, who was given the chance to show off by opening a booth as a part of Plastic Culture booth, so i brought my TUYUL along for some adventures with other toyz of my friends... more after the break

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Revoltech 079 Masamune Date [Indoor Photoshoot]

Masamune Date is one of many legendary warlords that is famous around Japan for his unique appearance, that of his eye patch and his BANANA... i mean kabuto or japanese war helmet shaped like crescent moon is really a striking costume to go along with... and the anime BASARA hails from that very roots of history, adapted in a crazy way, the anime itself offers a whole new experience in ejoying tales from the warring states, and here are my photos about Masamune Date one of the characters. more after the break

Saturday, 13 July 2013

1/6 INARI from GODCOMPLEX by foxbox studios [Indoor Photoshoot]

this guy... this seriously cool action figure, INARI have successfully made fall in love with it, I am seriously in love with the design, the enigmatic appearance of INARI the fox god especially his scarf and mask... somehow mesmerizes me. moarr after the break

Friday, 12 July 2013

[community] ToyGraphy ID @ popcon Asia 2013

ToyGraphy ID is back!!! and showed off at POPCON ASIA 2013... finally got the chance to show what the essence of toy photography community is like! 
as a community consisted of many people from various age, background, and field of profession under one common hobby that is Toy Photography. what drives us is our passion towards Toys and Photography as well as our relations as fellow hobbyist. Founded in early 2013 by DesyAgnes (the lady in RED) our community is one that is based on Instagram & LINE group as our  interaction medias... 

ToyGraphy ID kembali lagi!!! dan berhasil unjuk gigi di POPCON ASIA 2013... akhirnya mendapat kesempatan untuk menunjukkan esensi komunitas pencinta toys photography!
sebagai komunitas yang tersusun atas berbagai macam orang dari berbagai usia, latar belakang dan profesi yang berbeda beda dibawah hobi yang sama yaitu Fotografi Toys/Mainan. yang membuat kami bergerak adalah hasrat kami terhadap Toys/Mainan dan Fotografi serta hubungan kami antara sesama pehobi. Dibentuk pada awal 2013 oleh DesyAgnes (wanita berbaju merah), komunitas kami berbasis pada Instagram & grup LINE sebagai media interaksi kami... 

Thursday, 11 July 2013

[event] POPCON Asia 2013 @ Jakarta Convention Centre

POPCON ASIA 2013 adalah konvensi dari segala macam Pop Culture di Indonesia seperti desain grafis dan ilustrasi, designer & custom toys, seni rupa dan desain, serta berbagai studio game dan komikus serta berbagai pelaku usaha di bidang kreatif dalam konteks Pop Culture. selengkapnya setelah jeda berikut

POPCON ASIA 2013 is a convention of every Pop Culture in Indonesia such as graphic design and illustraion, designer & custom toys, visual art and design, as well as game studios, comic creators and the business people of creative field. more after the break

[event] Toyzmania LITE Mecha Edition @ STC Senayan Lt.6

Toyzmania LITE merupakan acara teaser dari Star Synergy untuk menyambut acara Toyzmania pada akhir tahun 2013 nantinya. Cosplay, mainan, action figure, boneka, komunitas dan banyak lagi turut hadir menyemarakkan acara ini. liputannya bisa dilihat setelah jeda berikut
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