Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Black & Battlehopper - the deadly duo [Indoor + Outdoor Photshoot]

vrooooommmm.... IKUZE BATTLEHOPPER!!! yeah that's a line I remembered from the famous Kamen Rider Black Show back when i was just a kid... kamen rider Black, enters a dark room, approaches Battlehopper, then speeding away from the 3 story building, breaking facade glasses in the process... it was simply breathtaking... ah good ol times~. so more photos after the break

just like this scene, i remembered him entering this dark room, approaching battlehopper
then he get to ride it..

followed by leap of faith

plus that glowing eyes

let's jump BRO! i think this could probably just be my re imagination of Black & Shadowmoon IF they worked together to defeat Gorgom

Having FUN... yeahhh!!!

somehow... Battlehopper is the most ideal bike for these BUGMEN

Battlehopper plays with your mind... it is alive, but somehow it is not really alive, but could be alive in some ways

even to fuse with kamen rider to become a new species of KAIJU

Kamen Rider Black is loved by everybody, even the POLICE

so they be speeding, they be rushing with them bikes, they got no drving license, it's only natural for them to get their bikes... CAGED by da POLICE!!!

Hopper is bad bad bad business... loves to tease others, especially when it comes to TUYULS

like them hoppers gonna eat this TUYUL

so actually they are all bad hoppers

Black Sun is entitled to Kotaro Minami as he was given the Black Sun Kingstone, with that Kingstone he transforms into Kamen Rider Black

trapped in Gorgom's Base, fully charged with these unknown smoke

roll out of Gorgom's Base

seriously these hoppers ain't wallet friendly

they cost me quite a fortune to breed em 

while slowly killing me wallet, i was filled with joy

for a wallet killer, they worth every penny i spent


finally... all of em reunited!!

let's take a walk doggy... i mean HOPPER

yeah i LOVE you as a pet HOPPER

so the final conclusion is this statement... so I DO!!! ARE YOU?

aiiiighhhht that might be the end of this post... for now but i'll be back with more awesome gigs
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Thanks for Viewing and... catch y'all on next post!!!


over & out!!!


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