Monday, 2 December 2013

SOIIIYAA!! Miku no Samurai jidai - age of the wild samurai [Indoor Photoshoot]

once again, the curtain of sengoku era rises... and this time, one that answers the call is Miku the TUYUL, with majik powers she get to transform into all powerful samurai... with many blades... and is ready to spread terror through the land~ more after the break

fear the TUYUL power

heheh i am so ready to cut y'all down!

i am Miku the Samurai!!! wearing the crescent moon kabuto!!

fear my blades... in this wild wild sengoku era!!

you attack and i block right? that how it goes right?

well i got CLAWS b1tches!!

you better give up hmm hmmm

heey stupid skinny hopper, come fight me... if you can survive my blows~

haha this stupid krocoman doesn't even realize he's gonna be the prey

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