Monday, 29 July 2013

Kamen Rider 555 : Blaster form [Indoor+Outdoor Photoshoot]

Blaster form is the ultimate form of Kamen Rider 555 or Faiz, transforms with Faiz Blaster gear, kamen rider 555 turns red blood color as he powers up into a fighter that is much more powerful than his regular form. so more images after the break

so this is a re imagination of how faiz blaster would actually fly if the photon energy consistently released from his backpack (actually called the Full Metal Lungs) it forms these beautiful crimson wings that enhances 555's not only flight capabilities but also his offensive ones... 

oh he glows crimson!!! 

Faiz Blaster Gear... sword mode!!!

Light of HOPE shines upon him... as guidance to future free of sadness

Faiz Blaster Gear... Rifle Mode!!!

assigned wih kamen rider G4, they became the special task force... to be sniper & scouter duo

and he is ready to take down the target

crossfire with the beetle gang

for the PARADISE is LOST, keep on hoping and pray...

as the photon energy charged up until maximum level, the Faiz Blaster gear channels the overloading energy into one powerful crimson blast capable of destroying every matter that stands in it's way!!!

like every kamen rider, faiz got his own unique bike, called autovajin

and he sure loooves autovajin

and yet autovajin loooves him, keep him company even as storms comes by...

so they are inseparable!

one thing that is unique from autovajin is that it's capability to assume combat mode as a humanoid robot unit that acts independently. in my opinion, that is the most advanced rider machine i have seen in kamen rider franchise so far

transformers... rise of autovajin

yeah 555 loves to custom bikes... so autovajin turned into Harley Vajinson! pretty cool huh?

reimagining that autovajin would turn into something even cooler... half bike yet it WALKS... so here comes BASHER mode!!

let's rock the world!!

MONSTERBIKES PARADE!!! with kabuto and his bike extender being in hyper cast-off mode

so who exactly is Kamen Rider 555 Blaster? 
Takumi Inui... YES
Hi tech powered kamen rider? YES
crazy powerful fighter? YES
but he's only a man, who's searching for a way to walk just like his sweetheart... oh yeah
fantastic plastic romance gig!!! i love it!
so until next time yeah? i'll be back with some moarrrr fantastic gigs about my action figures collection, or probably some other event and stuffs
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