Monday, 3 March 2014

SHINE!! Godly Cloth of ancient Pegasus Tenma [Indoor Photoshoot+diorama]

the only time God Cloth shines upon that ancient Pegasus Saint, Tenma is when he was trapped in the Dream World, a dimension where the 4 Dream Gods overlook. while defeated badly, Tenma's subconscious arise and unintentionally drawing his latent power, thus transforming his Bronze Pegasus Cloth into the almighty Pegasus God Cloth. more BLING after the break

never comes across my mind that Tenma wearing the Pegasus God Cloth would be this awesome, somehow he just look better than Seiya in it (oops-the main protagonist should always be cooler than the spin-off version-or so they say)

it still took me some time to combine the head from Saint Cloth Myth Pegasus Tenma and the body from Cloth Myth Pegasus God Cloth, and it turned out that the body and the head have a contrast skin color as Tenma's skin is so pale while Seiya's skin looks more tanned.

but that doesn't matter, I could just do "a little adjustment" by using digital softwares~ and i be kool about the difference

I must admit that taking good pictures of Saint Cloth Myth toyline was probably by far the hardest and the most challenging toy photography i ever experiment on, the setup was complicated since the chrome metallic paintjob on every contemporary Saint Cloth Myth toyline is so shiny and reflective it could easily reflect the surrounding environment on the cloth itself, which doesn't make it look good.

a few trick on how to make the chrome metallic paintjob shinier even more is that you need to put plain white paper around the figure, considering the Cloth Myth figure's paint job is reflective as ever, and by reflecting white paper, it would show it's original shiny color... brightly. lighting is also very essential to achieving shiny look on Cloth Myth you need to be sure that all the surface should be well-lit (at indoor) but you wouldn't get lighting troubles at outdoor sessions (oh thy almighty infinith SUN)

angle is the trickiest part in photographing Cloth Myth figures, it could make it look darker, or shinier. miss even a bit, thatn you won't get good results

also posing is very very essential to create great images from these figures, and frankly, it was really really difficult to pose this God Cloth without the help of stage acts, but i finally managed to do it (yay!) .while it was full of diecast parts (oh waw chogokin yay!), playing a Cloth Myth figure is both pleasurable and frustrating at the same time (parts tend to fall off easily) plus when you touch it with bare hands, you'll leave fingerprints on it, which does not really look good right? so you need a latex gloves to play with these gigs. well that's all on my mind right now

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