Saturday, 9 November 2013

Weekend Dating Time [Outdoor Photoshoot]

Weekend... was such a great time to have fun with the ones you love... for instance, spending a good time with family, friends and lover could be a greaaaat way to keep a healthy mental state, reduce stress and simply... have fun... and that applies even to toys... they wanna go on a date too, wanna know their story? more after the break!!

After a hard week patrolling the space, Space Bear Gyaban decided to take a day off at the weekend. hmmm... where could kitty be? we supposed to have a date today nearby... so where is she?

Space Bear Gyaban : oh no thanks, I'm straight and not interested in you...

Oh there she is... kitty my babe! <3

Oh hi Gyaban baby... i been waiting for ya

let's go baby~. let's pretend not to see the disturbing one on the back

ohhh a Romantic KISS in the afternoon

too bad TUYUL the naked one doesn't get the chance for Dance Chance Romance... like they did... poor fella

Shall we go baby?

Sadness in Solitude... so sad, such depression, very lonely...

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over & out!!!

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