Friday, 29 November 2013

SHFiguarts Kamen Rider Joker [Indoor+Outdoor Photoshoot]

Kamen Rider Joker is my FIRST purchase on exclusive release of SHFiguarts toyline and was the fourth SHFiguarts i bought back in 2011. Many people said that it's so plain, you could even say that it was a cheap repaint from cyclone joker figuarts, but with a bit of different details on the right side of the body... but to me it's just one awesome figuarts to own regardless of what people said. and it goes well along the EX hardboilder and kamen rider black figuarts. more after the break~

Chasing the LEGEND aiiighhhtt??

as kamen rider double... Joker is the left side of the body, activated by Joker memory, the physical power of the user is increased greatly

just say that i'm the cheap guy, just snapped the back of skullboilder to call this gig a "custom" bike

although it looks nice...

yeah super nice!!!!

aaaand he quit work... old photos from few years back... when i was obsessed with hip hop and all

throw some rhymes

remember people... good photos are the ones that communicates itself... even without words... and i learned that lesson a long time ago

these lyrics are from "Blessing it" song, a hip hop track that's produced by Nujabes in collaboration with emcee Substansial. you should listen to that!

this line is also taken from "Blessing it" by Nujabes & Substansial

the somehow unwanted card in every card game... ain't that right?

gettin comical... bad habit of mine...

literally "JOKER" aiighhtt

get da MINIONS!!!

so let's get skatin'~

that's not all about  kamen rider Joker... some other time probably~
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Thanks for Viewing and... until NEXT time!!!


over & out!!!

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