Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Super Robot Chogokin Mazinger Z [Indoor Photoshoot]

Mazinger Z is the pioneer of the Super Robot Universe, the franchise was the idea of none other than Go Nagai, started in 1972, the franchise has been successfully continued into various spin-offs such as grendizer and mazinkaiser. more MAZINGER after the break

BREAST FIRE!!! one amazing feature of mazinger Z is the the breast can fire serious laser business... and the projector seemd to be in a very cool state of design....

though never exposed to the materials of mazinger, the influence of my friends has led me to know Mazinger Z. just knew that it is more like kamen rider 1, the pioneer of their own franchises

the wings of shin mazinger Z seemed to be very natural-like, unlike other robots of various franchises

what made me interested in mazinger is the simplicity of it's design unlike those gundams which are very complicated looking gigs

right now SRC Mazinger Z is on my wishlist, i hope i got enough money to buy it real soon~

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