Friday, 16 August 2013

SHFiguarts Kamen Rider Black RX [Indoor +Outdoor Photoshoot]

Ore wa Taiyou no Ko... Kamen Rider Black RX!!! yep that is the catchphrase of my childhood hero, kamen rider Black RX, somehow the show left me more impression compared to the earlier kamen rider Black, that's probably because of Robo Rider and Bio Rider, Acrobatter and Ridron. and here i am trying to recreate heroic impressions through my photos, while having fun playing the figures... just like old times... so more photos after the break

i really love it when RX... brandishes his revolcane... it's so inspiring

and that takes me back when Black RX is dashing about and ready to slash and stab his enemies with that almighty revolcane, coz just like they said, when RX wields that gig, the only fate for them monsters is to get down with an explosion~

I am the Son of the SUN... Kamen Rider Black RX

i love the bluish transparent looking revolcane... it's an attempt to represent the glowing revolcane in the show... 

well good thing i managed to do some outdoor session near my place, Jakarta sure got lotsa interesting places

shot at Gerbang Tol Kemayoran, Jakarta

feel my WRATH he says

an attempt to bring out bluish aura on RX but failed miserably

the concept of Black being reborn as Black RX when thrown into the sun and his kingstone breaks into two pieces, is just amazing... and how he could pull a lightsaber out of that belt... now i know why i rejoiced when i see that scene!

revolcane is almost identical to lightsaber but not as identical as it is, coz the simpler design... but still makes everybody crazy about them!

aiiiight so that's probably my photos about kamen rider Black RX, gonna be back with some more interesting posts... stay tune people! you gonna love my upcoming gigs!
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