Thursday, 5 December 2013

HOWL!!! Silver Knight ZERO show your might!!! [Indoor Photoshoot+diorama]

ZERO the Silver Wolf Knight, alias Suzumura Rei whose prowress is second to Saejima Kouga, the inheritor of GARO title... the battle never really ends, and one more time.. ZERO will howl in the upcoming mini series called ZERO : BLACK BLOOD. still don't know much about the plot but it's just exciting to wait for the upcoming mini series. more ZERO after the break

not so much is known about the upcoming original mini series of ZERO the silver knight, but black blood is surely gonna be one that's worth watching... featuring the almighty silver wolf knight

speaking of ZERO, he has a dark history of his personal life, started out as orphan, he was taken as a disciple under a Makai Knight with the title BADO... who is the sworn enemy that constantly hunts down KIBA the dark knight

eventually, KIBA killed the Makai knight BADO that acts as Rei's mentor and almost like a father to him and of course, the love of his life...

Blinded by revenge he does not realize the true culprit of the whole incident, thus aimlessly looking for the killer that turns him miserable

enraged by hatred and rage, seeing GARO as the strong one, he assumes that with such caliber of strength, maybe GARO is the killer who killed his beloved ones, but after a few fights with the golden knight, things settled down and he get to realize that the true culprit was none other than dark knight KIBA. ooh i love how the story goes

GARO franchise was just simply one of the greatest titles that tokusatsu world could offer... and i am really excited to wait till about March 2014, cause ZERO : Black Blood will be taking over the time slot of Shougeki Gouraigan on the late night toku show

trapped in Makai LAVABED, how are they gonna escape that? oh i hope this kind of scene gonna appear in the upcoming season of GARO : Makai no Hana, yeah, it's gonna air after all of 6 episodes of ZERO : BLACK BLOOD finished airing... 2014 is gonna be such an exciting year :)

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