Wednesday, 19 February 2014

BEHOLD!! ZECT's rider of golden beetle... Kamen Rider Caucasus!! [Indoor Photoshoot]

Kamen Rider Caucasus has been listed a long-time ago on my wishlist, and it's a good thing now that i have obtained this gig yet it was fantastic (although it was bow-legged) regardless it was such a fine figuarts especially with the very special looking blue rose part included. more Caucasus golden goodness after the break

having made his appearance in the past kamen rider Kabuto : GOD SPEED LOVE movie, caucasus never really have much airtime even in the movie, he just made a brief and quick appearance (plus the iconic battle scene on the space shuttle - oh wow!). can't say i hate him :))

being the only golden rider on the whole kamen rider kabuto universe, he was granted the strongest, ZECT's trump card to defend their space station (which is to be hijacked by kabuto and Gattack). and even equipped with the hyper zecter which is later snatched by Kabuto (totally different story from how he got it in the original series)

the riders that appeared in the GOD SPEED LOVE movie, aside from the ones that appeared in the original series was uniquely inspired by beetle designs, kamen rider ketaros (Bronze-centaurus beetle), kamen rider Hercus (Silver-Hercules beetle) and lastly kamen rider Caucasus (Gold-Atlas/Caucasus beetle).

and the whole suit really resembles Kabuto's design, the things that makes difference are their colors, their different mask shapes, their zecters(equipped on wrist instead on a belt) and the last one is very obvious that they have horned shoulder pads which Kabuto does not have

the caucasus zecter's shape really does interest me, it was unique... and especially gold colored! and i looove gooold!!

caucasus does not have the armored form like the rest of the riders, nor they can cast off or hyper cast off... they are too strong for the start. even caucasus does not need hyper form when equipped with the hyper zecter :))

there is little difference on the hyper zecter that's released on SHFiguarts kamen rider caucasus to the actual one, while the actual was supposed to be red, the hyper zecter that comes with caucasus figuarts comes as a gold colored one!! for some people that might be unpleasant, but for me as long as it was gold... heeey no complaints :))

somehow i liked his character, being unique with his resolve that states "I only fight for the beauty and the perfection of the rose" while carrying around a blue rose, an otherworldly flower that symbolizes eternal rest and death, though in some part of the world people consider blue roses as symbol of royal status, even to the point that the one holding such rose would have his/her wish granted, while another considers blue rose as a hope of unattainable love. and you don't get to see a lot of kamen rider such as caucasus...

his motive for carrying around a blue rose everytime... is still unknown whether he tried to be romantic or symbolizes that the blue rose is a symbol or an embodiment of himself as the strongest (and the most beautiful) rider above all other ZECT's rider that made him feel superior

the most interesting thing above all other mentioned above... is this fantastically striking pose... i remembered clearly this scene from GOD SPEED LOVE movie, he posed like this when he get to defeat kamen rider Hercus, it was SOOO ELEGANT!!!

always inspiring to see Caucasus holding his blue rose just like that!

well at least that flower is useful now~ just confess!! boyz be brave!!
well that's probably all my opinions on Caucasus at the moment, might say more in the future so stay tune at my blog aiiiighhhhttt?
Thanks for Viewing and... until NEXT time!!!


over & out!!!

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