Friday, 8 November 2013

913 Machination - Kaixa ridez Side Basshar [Outdoor Photoshoot]

Enter the new era with machinized rider machines... an advanced one that could transform from your regular bike into fearsome killing machine... Smart Brain Corporation's 913-V side basshar makes it possible for Kaixa to access and utilize such fearsome technology... so more of Kaixa and his ride... after the break

Side Basshar was the top notch rider machine that was developed by Smart Brain Corporation that existed in kamen rider 555 universe... codenamed 913V the vehicle was designated to be the ride for kamen rider Kaixa

as the biggest transformable rider machine in the history of kamen rider... Side Bassher utilizes the most advanced weaponry Smart Brain Corporation has to offer, installed neatly to it...

the engine exhaust which consisted as six tubes acts as missile launcher for distanced combat while the claws on the other side is installed for close combat situations

Dangerous machine indeed, Side Basshar stands as high as 3 times the size of normal human being, making a very intimidating in terms of proportion

fearsome as it could be... Side Basshar is suited both in close range combat and distanced combat

and it is possible for the rider to assist in attacks by releasing support fires along with Side Basshar firearms

as the rider stood strong above the vehicle, glory is rest assured with his killing machine

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