Thursday, 9 May 2013

Shadow of the moon rises from the darkness [Indoor photoshoot]

Shadowmoon is such an enigmatic and legendary evil character from the well known series "kamen Rider Black" as 90's kid, he is indeed familiar with all the grass hopper like design and all, turned out fantastic, and TIMELESS!!! 

i lurk in darkness, my satanic blade shall be there over at your doom! BEWARE!

hmm... look at those evil compound eyes, they are so well made!! 

simple pose like this just blew me away, though it's simple, it's so evil, delicate, complicated and blah blah blah, simply great!!!

Shall you rise like the SUN, i will be one that CUT you down!!

after hard and long day of night spreading evil, shadowmoon takes a break with his bro... and their hopper!!

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  1. No one,i repeat, NO ONE!!! Can resist the charm of mas mumun

    1. Pesona barang zahanam, yes betul sekali~


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