Monday, 20 July 2015

Legendary Golden Pegasus... Seiya of Sagittarius!! [Indoor Photoshoot+diorama]

Sagittarius Seiya, ever since the first arc that he get to wear the Sagittarius Gold Cloth when faced against the mighty Leo gold saint. I knew if there's a continuation he would be the one who will inherit the Golden Cloth. i don't know whether that Saint Seiya Omega was the continuation to the whole kanon, but it's still awesome to see Seiya graduated from wearing the Pegasus Bronze cloth. got more thoughts after this break

that awesomeness of self-thought ideas gave rise to my purchase of Saint Cloth Myth Sagittarius Seiya. thought to myself, it'll be awesome if i get to own the Cloth Myth speciment

well when i finally bought it, i was kinda impressed with the design, with all those cool sapphires and all, combined with all that gold it's just too awesome. though many people dissed this gig, neverthless, it's still awesome to me.

this classic pose of Sagittarius Gold Saint readying his bow and arrow to shoot was the KILLER POSE, well it took me quite a while to arrange this pose since the main body of the Cloth Myth wasn't so strong to suspend the weight of the cloth

the downside of this figure is just.. it's too heavy!! and the weight somehow did some numbers to the articulations, especially on the thighs, doesn't really allow smooth leg poses unlike the solid EX versions, this Cloth Myth speciment could still be categorized as the regular SCM

if you could overlook those downsides, then this might just be the figure for you, a die hard fan of Seiya

at first i wasn't impressed by the wings that comes along with the cloth, but as time passes it looked great to me

though a lot... i mean A LOT of people dissed Saint Seiya Omega, but to me this series is special, because it still incorporates the soul and spirit of the franchise, about young men and women fighting together for ideal that they believe in, along with the strong bond of friendship, young hearts burning with passion, filled with cosmos, i guess many people failed to see the soul of this show...

but i think it's okay with them so many people dissing this show, it is completely irrelevant to me and my taste, so even they said i got shit taste, then so be it... i'll love what i like, i'll do as i like

and by the way these are all the Seiyas i got, it's previously 4 

but it's five already, and that makes me a happy man. whatever they say, i just don't listen to them. let's just be happy in our own special way. and this is NOT a DENIAL. i'm being true to myself, coz if i ain't, i'll feel guilty haha. thanks for reading
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