Sunday, 2 June 2013

miku the TUYUL bullying story [Outdoor photoshoot + dioramas]

tuyul... is a mischievious spirit being of Indonesian culture, it's size is about as tall as a 4-year old child, and well known to act as familiars to certain shaman or anybody that makes contract with them, and commonly known as thieving spirits. the owner of these TUYULs often had their familiars to steal precious belongings of other people from their homes, their drawers and safes... which causes instant uproar when happened... nendoroids quite have the same characteristics as TUYULs because of their size and appearance, so here's bad black hopper trying to tease my new nendoroid... more after the break

then the hoppers came, to tease this TUYUL...

and the boss just came to the right spot with an ice cream!!!

some bad bad birdies also get to bust the TUYUL

then the TUYUL became really really mad, she then executed TUYUL KICK!!!

somehow she got that lightsaber, no idea from who, why, where, when and how... 

and TUYUL used the lightsaber to tame some really angry angry bird

after that she broke into the combat scene, a ruin, to confront the HOPPER boss

surprisingly she won the combat and now threathens the HOPPER boss

she emerged victorious at the end of the day, with the small whisper... beware of the TUYUL

aiiiiight that's all i got about the TUYUL right now, expect more and more madness coming up~
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  1. Somehow, most of my friends also consider nendo as T.U.Y.U.L. Is that an official nickname for nendo?

    1. Yep many people these days refer them as TUYUL, not official but it is like a common terminology that almost everybody would probably understand hehe


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