Friday, 28 June 2013

SIC kiwami tamashii kamen rider Agito Trinity form [Indoor Photoshoot]

I am so glad for finally getting this good stuff to my collection of toys, Kamen Rider Agito Trinity form is the combined forces of three different powers, that is Flame symbolized by the red, Storm symbolized by the blue and ground/basic Agito power into one single entity. wielding these powers, Agito is equipped with both the Flame Sword and Storm Halberd. more images after the break
dual wielding makes Agito Trinity looks just perfect

my sword BURN like my screaming soul

Storm is brewing up!!

i seriously love the details on this SIC kiwami

fear my weapons, the blessings of GOD

as two forces collide... they become... something

the PERFECT WEAPON... Trinity Lance!!!

the Trinity Lance is an idea i created myself because of the annoying fact that agito trinity seriously looks uncomfortable while holding both of the weapons... let alone wielding it, so i thought to myself, it'd be better if i combine them, and here we go, the Trinity Lance!!

fear the Trinity Lance!


that glorious pose sums up my current photos on SIC kiwami tamashii kamen rider Agito Trinity form
 see ya in another post~
for sure i will be back with better and better photosets
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