Sunday, 23 June 2013

Ankh - the complete Greeed [Indoor+outdoor photoshoot]

as a Greeed, Ankh is really different from the rest, because of his colorful and elegant appearance that sets him apart aside from the fact that he is such a wild card. why is it that i refer him as a wild card? it is known to many that ankh tend to side with either the protagonists (kamen rider OOO & the gang) or the antagonists (other Greeeds) depending on which side which benefits him and all his plot. Ankh is the most cunning greeed, exploiting everybody for the sake of his interests... and the SHFiguarts is really worthy to buy, a real classy masterpiece from the action figure series, and these are all my photos about greeed ankh... you can view more after the break...
colors... colorful wings... blessing or curse?

ooh my flightless wings, beautiful, but frail and flightless~

Eiji get the MEDAL!!

come fly with me~

to the limitless sky!!

the LOST one stayed down cause the anibility to fly, as the complete one soars high on a flight

grasped the power of the phoenix, to be the immortal Greeed

this is photoshopped, the actual ankh only got one wings on it's arm, not two

shall we fly awaaaaaaay~ for real~

having a pet hawk is FUN

come eat medals birdie... be a good pet...

ooh birdie birdie come to me~

why you don;t love me no more birdie? i thought i loved you

yes you love me again birdie

don't forget to support Ankh and his career as a Greeed, play this game!

this is actually Ankh true head... just kidding

hey ankh, somehow i feel offended by that statement, coz i ain't got gold like you!
ah you're such a show off ankh, i know i ain't got gold but you don't have to be like that yo birdie!

and since i put that show-off ankh greeed inna box, that wraps it up... see ya in another post~
will be back with better and better photosets
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Thanks for Viewing and... catch y'all on next post!!!


over & out!!!

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