Tuesday, 11 June 2013

[Community] ToyGraphy ID meet up @ Excelso MKG 3

left to right sitting - by instagram ID
@shandee_cvitanich - @riephz - @johandiyahya 
left to right standing
@yoghiidris - @10toygallery - @dejivrur

ToyGraphy ID is a community consisted of many people from various age, background, and field of profession under one common hobby that is Toy Photography. what drives us is our passion towards Toys and Photography as well as our relations as fellow hobbyist. Founded in early 2013 by DesyAgnes (the lady in RED) our community is one that is based on Instagram & LINE group as our  interaction medias... and this is our latest meet up at Excelso cafe Mall Kelapa Gading 3

ToyGraphy ID adalah komunitas yang tersusun atas berbagai macam orang dari berbagai usia, latar belakang dan profesi yang berbeda beda dibawah hobi yang sama yaitu Fotografi Toys/Mainan. yang membuat kami bergerak adalah hasrat kami terhadap Toys/Mainan dan Fotografi serta hubungan kami antara sesama pehobi. Dibentuk pada awal 2013 oleh DesyAgnes (wanita berbaju merah), komunitas kami berbasis pada Instagram & grup LINE sebagai media interaksi kami... dan ini adalah meet up terakhir kami di Excelso cafe Mall Kelapa Gading 3

@shandee_cvitanich asking @wiltan to teach him how to uitlize his new camera

enjoying fresh n cool drinks

passionate @wiltan 

passion never dies

some men just want to see the world burns... like drinking bottled nendoroid

member ToyGraphy ID yang hadir pada kali ini adalah / present ToyGraphy ID members are
ID Instagram - Nama Asli / Instagram ID - Real Name
@10toygallery - Hendra Tendy
@desyagnes - Desy Agnes
@dejivrur - Willys Vandestio
@johandiyahya - Johandi Yahya
@riephz - Arief Budiman
@shandee_cvitanich - Shandee Cvitanich
@wiltan - Willy Tan
@yoghiidris - Yoghi Idris

please kindly follow their respective accounts over at Instagram & don't forget to follow official ToyGraphy Instagram account @ToygraphyID

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