Sunday, 16 June 2013

Silver Knight ZERO [Indoor Photoshoot]

ZERO, is the one who holds the title "Silver Fanged Wolf Knight" or Ginga Kishi ZERO. first appearance is in the very first season of GARO... ZERO or Suzumura Rei is a vengeful Makai Knight who lost everyone he loved by the hands of another mysterious Makai Knight, set on a journey on vengeance, at first he thought GARO was the one who killed his loved ones, constantly attacking him and getting into fights with Golden Knight... in the end, it turned out the ones who killed his loved ones is Dark Knight KIBA... not GARO. as the Silver Knight, in terms of strength and abilites, he is second to GARO, and comes with design that rivals the Golden Knight's. so here are my photos about ZERO, more after the break

my name is ZERO or... Rei and i exist... here and now...

that day... i lost my family, lost my love, lost everything, now all that's left is nothing, i named myself ZERO to make sure that i always remember that i have nothing remains...

DASH!!! Silver Wolf!!!

Horrors FEAR for TERROR!!!!

Go like the wind... Makai Swordsman

the Silver Wolf blades or Ginroken are special blades that can be united into one whole blade...

when joined the Ginroken looked almost like a spear...

well i really hope i can take more photos of ZERO, but gettin busy and busier these days
so this probably just have to wrap this post up... see ya in another post~
will be back with better and better photosets
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Thanks for Viewing and... catch y'all on next post!!!


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