Wednesday, 12 June 2013

miku's hangout story [Indoor Photoshoot @ Excelso MKG 3]

hmmm... this month is really FUN, i get to hang out with both old and new friends, even better, get to bring along toys and take good photos out of em and the places we hung out... so here's another tale from my pet nendoroid Miku... i don't know why but she just so in an unpleased state... let's see her story this time... after the break

ooh, while hanging out, while staring into nothingness, like she always did... miku just happened to meet PASCAL the chameleon, wearing a crown, he looks fabulous

Ooh? now PASCAL trying to seduce miku... she looked so unpleased

i can't describe what is happening right now but... some chickens appeared that day... and they looked interested on her

ooh it looked like PASCAL & the other chicken lined up to hug her... they call it... love-love line-up... sounds fishy~

so miku felt unpleasant and she tried to run away...

Ooh NO... it was a futile attempt... the gankgot her blocked from all directions... too bad for her...

now she end up being dominated by them... ooh poor TUYUL you are miku... i wish you luck next time you get to hang about outside...

now i'd like to express gratitude to shandee_cvitanich for lending me his vinyl figure PASCAL the chameleon and some chicken LEGO minifigure, you could visit his gallery over at or his instagram ID @shandee_cvitanich

well... that's all about miku hanging out... with them other toys... 
expect more and more madness coming up~
don't forget to visit my other gallery over at

Thanks for Viewing and... catch y'all on next post!!!


over & out!!!

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