Sunday, 2 March 2014

POP-ART, priceless expression!!

These days, POPART gives me a new perspective to it, getting expressive as not just being a product of good graphic and good looking things. the most important thing is to express... express... express your feelings through art and let yourself be free of whatever that limits your progress... so i express... and live with the flow... baby~ more after the break

provocative as ever. i felt awesome after watching Nat Geo Adventure Channel, it was too damn inspiring and mind blowing, plus that fantastic tagline... LET'S GET LOST!!! and the important thing it's let's GET GET GET GET GET GET MOVIN already~

the power stone is the expression of power itself, seen? empowering normal people to transform into superhero called BIMA SATRIA GARUDA!!

BURNING is hot, powerful, and yeah... simply HOT aiiiiiighhhhttt

no words could possibly express this heroic pose except for the pose itself, seen?

say whut, yeah bitches looove the gooold, so wiseman, wears the GOLD now!! 

wizard infinity style was probably have the most dramatic way of obtaining the form, i was really rouched when haruto cried out of his helplessness yet he always stand up and never give up hope... as for the one to be the LAST HOPE

say what dragredder have something to tell y'all... nobody tells him what to do
i have not yet to discover a way to express better in POP ART, gotta work hard to make better gigs
Thanks for Viewing and... until NEXT time!!!


over & out!!!

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